Student Support Services

Columbus Academy enriches its academic traditions of excellence by valuing a broad diversity of students as it seeks to develop the complete person: mind, body and character. The Child Support Team is a group of professionals dedicated to assessing the needs of and providing services and accommodations for students with different learning styles and other needs at Columbus Academy. We hope to empower teachers, parents, administrators, and students with an understanding of their unique personalities and learning styles.

Child Support Team Vision Statement

The Child Support Team acknowledges and understands that students possess a variety of learning styles and needs and that they also develop at different rates. Our mission is to offer support through active intervention for students and consultation with faculty and families. Our ultimate goal is to foster independence in students, as they progress through this rigorous academic environment.

Resource Team

The support services throughout Lower, Middle, and Upper School are provided based on each student’s specific level of need. All three divisions have Child Support Teams which meet weekly to discuss students who may come to their attention via teacher concerns and/or parent concerns. The primary goal of the Child Support Team is to assess the needs of the student in a meaningful way.