Do you have an interest in not only protecting our society, but taking an active role in shaping and molding it for future generations? Would you like to be one of the few who choose to stand up and truly make a difference? More importantly, do you want to experience lots of daily fun and thrilling excitement while being on the good side of the law? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a pre-college summer law program is calling you for duty! A pre-college course in law provides high school students the rare chance to meet with those actively working in the law field up close and personal. You will learn from professionals whose everyday task is defending and protecting the law in all forms, and understand what they do day-in and day-out to keep our society not only moving, but moving toward a better tomorrow.

Are you interested in law or what it takes to become a lawyer? Can you picture yourself in the front of a courtroom? (Or Can you picture yourself as the star of a courtroom drama?) Then start your journey now with the Bowling Green State University Pre-Law Camp and experience what it is like to be a part of the legal community. Throughout camp you’ll have the chance to hear from law students, law professors and other professionals across all backgrounds and disciplines of the field.

Knowledge of law can be used to address issues of justice within the United States and internationally. Whether a lawyer or a layperson, there is opportunity for individuals to engage in advocacy, whether on behalf of a single battered woman or against systemic crimes of genocide, through the institution of law.

Join other motivated high school students to get one step closer to a possible future career as a legal professional. Intensive Law & Trial allows you to immerse yourself in the theory and practice of law and to develop a roadmap for becoming a lawyer. At this 10-day program you’ll be exposed to the practice of law, legal rhetoric, and ethics from pre-eminent legal professionals, including Stanford Law School professors. You’ll also develop and practice essential legal skills such as making impactful opening and closing arguments, preparing cases, and readying witnesses for cross-examinations. In a simulation endorsed by the American Mock Trial Association, you will prepare for a court case, just as any attorney does—you’ll practice the art of creating effective oral arguments, directly examine and cross-examine witnesses, gain an understanding of evidence and its integrity, and learn how to manage a courtroom. Powerful skills workshops will help you develop your own personal mission statement to set and attain your future academic and career goals. Intensive Law & Trial can help you better understand what you might want to study in college and which schools make the most sense for you. Intensive Law & Trial can also help you to hone your leadership abilities to be more effective in college, career, and life.

From corporate attorneys and prosecutors to politicians and a sitting Supreme Court justice, many of the nation's lawmakers, administrators, and interpreters received their education at Georgetown. As a student in the Law Academy, you’ll follow in the footsteps of these distinguished legal professionals. Through lectures, field trips, guest speakers, and discussion sections, our program offers not only an introduction to jurisprudence, but also a firsthand look at how laws are adjudicated and administered. You’ll examine the most vexing issues of our day and explore how America's legal institutions change as popular values, standards, and perspectives evolve. At the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to put your skills to practice and take part in a complete mock trial.

The Advanced Law & Trial Internship Summit is a first-of-its-kind program that allows motivated high school students to intern with Goodwin Weber PLLC on cases of national importance. In this accelerated internship, students will spend seven days working on one of three cases. This year students can choose between a whistleblower and retaliation case involving a federal agent who reported misconduct by the highest levels of his agency; an international money laundering and whistleblowing case involving endangered animals and environmental crimes, or an international money laundering or tax fraud investigation involving the Panama and Paradise Papers.

The Summer Law & Trial Institute is a 12-day immersive residential program that aims to increase understanding of the law and its possibilities among Ohio high school students from Southeast Ohio. The program also seeks to foster an interest in all aspects of legal education, service, and issues, and to create the next generation of legal, advocacy, and community professionals.

At Summer Discovery, we’ve balanced the scales by offering you, the high school student, a well-rounded program in the exciting fields of law and government. Our intensive program will allow you to explore the American legal system as you learn about what it takes to become a lawyer. Our Law and Government Program will give you the opportunity to rule your future by developing a “legal mind” while gaining a full understanding of the legal process. Through the Law and Government Program at Summer Discovery, you will be immersed in the study of law and its practices. Our courses are geared toward high school students and specified to fit the learning styles considered most effective for young adults.

This program provides an extensive survey of criminal law and procedure and corporate law. While exploring criminal law, the course will track what happens from apprehension and arrest to due process and sentencing. We will also learn about the policies and various participants in modern criminal law. In corporate law, we will dedicate our time to hands-on areas such as Business Formation, Wills and Estates, Real Estate, and Contracts. A field trip to the court each week is the highlight of the summer program.

What is law, in theory and practice? This course introduces students to ways of thinking about issues of law and legal legitimacy, particularly as they relate to the work of judges. First, we will study different schools of thought about what law “is” -- whether we can lay claim to a “higher law” which determines human and civil rights, for example, or whether law is simply an expression of a source of authority’s political force and will -- and the process through which legal determinations should be made.

The Penn Law Pre-College Academy is a rigorous academic program that gives high school students from around the world the opportunity to experience law school at a world-class university. This three-week intensive academy provides a well-rounded introduction to the American legal system and how law is practiced in the United States, and also allows students to pursue their own interests in either of two specialized fields of law: Business & Entrepreneurship Law or Human Rights & Legal Advocacy.

Find out what it’s really like to be a lawyer. This is your chance to investigate a criminal justice case at Wake Forest School of Law’s Innocence and Justice Clinic through the search for what happened. Learn to analyze evidence, make your argument, network with judges and attorneys and dive into the law industry to discover if this is the career path for you!