Every year, twenty-six outstanding North American teenagers are selected as Bronfman Fellows. The highlight of the Fellowship is a five week, all-expenses-paid Summer Fellowship in Israel. Fellows engage in thought-provoking study and conversation and make lifelong friends. Our high-caliber educators focus on teaching a broad range of traditional and contemporary Jewish texts at a university level. Fellows encounter the land and people of Israel, study major issues in contemporary Jewish life, meet with some of today's most influential figures, and learn about themselves and each other. The Fellowship year continues with seminars in December and March in New York. Fellows continue their association with the Fellowship through our extraordinarily active, 1100+ alumni community.

Embody is a week filled with many things: Theological reflection led by outstanding faculty from Saint Mary’s College and beyond; Interactive sessions that incorporate what you learn into your life; Opportunities for engagement with the South Bend community through service. Explore themes related to being a young woman of faith: Talking about our bodies and how they help us live out our values; Examining what it means to love and how our relationships are integral to a life of faith; Being challenged to go beyond our comfort zone and into relationships with people who seem different.