Data Science

The Introduction to Data Science Academy offers an inside look at the professional world of data science through the eyes of experts in the field. Through a combination of coding exercises, presentations from data science experts, and class discussions, you’ll be introduced to contemporary data science resources and best practices. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the processes of data collection and analysis, gain hands-on practice with statistical analysis and coding languages, and learn about the main elements of programming in R. By the end of the program, you’ll understand key concepts like how to wrangle data, how to visualize data, how to present your conclusions, and how to arrive at those conclusions.

The Translational Data Analytics Institute hosts a free summer camp that introduces 35 young women in grades 8-10 to data science and analytics–an exciting, fast-growing field centered on scientific methods and processes for extracting new knowledge from data. Students who learn these skills can combine them with an unimaginably wide range of interests, from business and biology to health care and education, to city planning and social services–and they are in high demand by employers.

Learn how to glean insights and meaning from complex sets of data in this overview of a field with growing importance in business, government, and scientific research. Students will learn to use the transformational tools of data science and see how researchers are applying them in the service of social good. Working with faculty from the Department of Statistics, students will study how data is collected and stored and then how it is explored, visualized, and communicated. Using Python, students will learn techniques for classification, prediction, inference, and regression.