Seesaw - Student Sign in Instructions

Students can log into Seesaw through a web browser (on a computer) or the Seesaw Class app (on an iPad or iPhone).

To log in on an iPad:

1. Click here to download the Seesaw Class app

2. Click here to view the iPad Login Instruction Video

To log in on a computer:

1. Go to → Parents & Students → Seesaw

2. Click I’m a Student

3. Click Sign In with Google

4. Enter your child’s email address. (or, then click Next

Note: You may need to allow pop-ups for Seesaw’s sign in page to Sign In with Google. If you already have a Google account listed, you may need to click Use another account.

5. A second Login window will appear. Enter your child’s email address. (or, then click Log in.

More information:

For more information about using Seesaw from home, please click here.