School Health

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School Health Services focuses on the health needs of our students, maximizes learning opportunities and prepares students for productive and healthy lives. Care planning, intervention, evaluation, disease prevention and coordinated health promotion are utilized by the School Health Services team to provide an optimal and healthy learning environment for all of our students.

ATTENTION 2023-2024 Kindergarteners, 7th Graders & Seniors:

All kindergarteners must have a completed health assessment and be up-to-date on age appropriate immunizations. All incoming 7th grade students are required to have, both, a Tdap booster AND 1st Meningococcal immunizations. All incoming 12th grade students are required to have a 2nd Meningococcal immunization. This is in accordance to Immunization Law GS 130A-155. Documentation of the immunization must be received by the 30th day of school or students will be excluded until they receive the needed immunization. See the link below for more information on needed immunizations for each grade.

NC Immunization Requirements