Columbia County Climate Carnival

Celebrate | Educate | Motivate

Thanks to all who made this event such a great success!

Everyone we've spoken to - those involved with the preparation of the Climate Carnival, and those who attended - were delighted with how the event turned out.

While we plan for the next major event this page will remain online. When we have a confirmed date for the next carnival, or expo, or fair, we will post it here.

Please keep in touch. And stay motivated!

The Columbia County Climate Carnival Is Coming...

Let's Make Fighting Climate Change FUN!

July 16, 2022

10am to 4pm

Columbia County Fairgrounds

182 Hudson Avenue,
Chatham, NY

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Learn about composting!

Enjoy some music!

Hit our food trucks!

The Repair Café

Waste not! Bring your broken stuff to get repaired.
Sign up for the Repair Café so we can be prepared

Free Store

Pick up items your neighbors don’t need anymore. Did we say it’s free?

Compost Compound

Why should you compost your kitchen scraps? Food waste is bad for the environment. Find out how to turn it into gold—aka nutrient-rich soil—or just learn where to drop off your leftovers.

Bike Recycling

Give. Take. Donate. Receive. (And then ride like the wind.)

Electric Cars

They’re all the rage. Interested? Swing by and see an EV or hybrid up close (pending dealer availability).

Save $ + Save the Planet

Can WE actually use renewable energy? It’s confusing, right? Find out how it works on the local level…and also how to weatherize your house, heat with fewer—or zero!—fossil fuels and less money. It’s called motivation.


Planet-friendly music. Laughs. A live environmental “quiz.” Maybe even poetry? Stay tuned.


Tasty food trucks!

Bring the Kids

Visit the Birds of Prey. Hit educational stations. Your kids might even learn about climate change—and how to combat it!

And much more…

Learn about:

  • Pathways to renewable energy

  • Sustainable farming

  • The impacts of waste

  • What local towns are doing to lower their carbon footprints


  • Some of the local organizations that are taking Climate Action in our communities, including a dozen town Climate Smart Committees, local businesses, and not-for-profit organizations

If you are interested in providing an educational demonstration or workshop, or want to set up an informational booth, please see our "Join Us" page.

If you have a service or product you’d like to donate to the carnival, we could use your help. Email us at

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For more information about the Climate Carnival please contact:
Jolene Race
- Columbia County Solid Waste Department - - 518-828-2737