Small Butterflies

35" Height, 45" Wingspan (8 for live auction)

BF#? Kachinas “The colors and shapes found in kachina dolls"

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Artist: Lisa Christopherson

Inspiration: I was inspired by the colors and shapes found in kachina dolls. This year I wanted to create a southwestern look to my butterfly.

Why Flight: I have been part of FLIGHT the last few years and it’s a project I really look forward to each year. I am always happy to share my artistic gifts, especially when they can help such a worthy cause.

Lisa Christopherson has been involved with the Rotary Club flight project for the last two years. She lives and was raised in Colorado Springs, Co. She studied art at Colorado State University, Fort Collins and received her Bachelor of Fine Art in graphic design.

She is a lifelong artist currently working from her home studio. Her artwork is created using oil, acrylic, pastel, ink, watercolor, and cut paper. She is inspired by the inner values of positivity, spirit, balance patience, and love. One of her goals is to share her experiences with these values to others through her artwork.

She is also inspired by her affection for animals. Her custom pet portraits display incredible skill and tender loving care. This year is Lisa’s first year as a member of the Arati Artists Gallery in Old Colorado city. She is honored to work among the best local fine artists.

BF#? Prayer of Awakening “The beauty and grace of butterflies and am blessed when these creatures flutter through my vision while on their own journey."

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Prayer of Awakening

Artist: Celeste Hodges

Inspiration: I am astounded by the beauty and grace of butterflies and am blessed when these creatures flutter through my vision while on their own journey.

Why Flight: I learned of the program through a friend who had participated previously. I am a therapist and artist. I am elated to work with a community who support education through active engagement in this project of creativity and collaboration.

Celeste Hodges was born in Denver and has lived in Albuquerque, Boston, and Sacramento CA. She returned to the Front Range 20 years ago and lives in Highlands Ranch. She loves the Colorado mountains and the changing seasons. Her artwork is seen in number of private collections.

My work, like my FLIGHT creature, is in a state of frequent metamorphosis. I have been surprised at how a sense of wonder and play will transform everyday materials and activities in my art life and my professional life as an educator.

During my work on this project, I have sought to take ideas from nature herself, observing and researching the patterns and colors and textures. Knowing that to improve on nature is ridiculous, I hope only to draw awareness and attention to the exquisite beauty of those creatures, the complicated role they play in our environment, and the need to safeguard their habitat and their lives.

BF#? Birds and Butterflies “[Birds] are the embodiment of art. They fly free and joyously in the air."

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Birds and Butterflies

Artist: Robert Lococo

Inspiration: Birds have been a long-time inspiration for me. They are the embodiment of art. They fly free and joyously in the air.

Why Flight: I owe much to teachers and programs. It seems like a great way to give back and maybe even inspire.

My name is Robert Lococo. I was raised in Colorado Springs, graduated from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2013 had been making art professionally since. My practices started as woodworking and have evolved into a passion for many painterly mediums. I take an experimental approach to my art and ironically bird subject matter is what keeps me grounded. They are the subject that constantly inspires me and takes me places I would not have gone before - both physically and artistically.

Mediums I work with include: watercolor, oil paint, gauche, chalk pastel, and sometimes you encaustics. I often use materials like wood, hardboard, fiberglass, and paper. The playful nature of our feathery friends has such a great symmetry with art in general. I like to think my celebration of birds will help my viewers to see and appreciate the world we live in and perhaps inspire to help save it.

BF#? Colorado State Butterfly “The Colorado Hairstreak butterfly is the state insect and it seemed like combining it with state imagery was the way to go."

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Colorado State Butterfly

Artist: Joanne Lucey

Inspiration: I wanted to incorporate the state flag and mountain scenery into the piece. The Colorado Hairstreak butterfly is the state insect and it seemed like combining it with state imagery was the way to go.

Why Flight: Flight is a wonderful way to raise money, beautify the city, and encourage local artists. I have created several dragonflies using recycled materials, but this is my first painted one.

Joanne Lucey forged a career as a mechanical engineer but is now fortunate to have time to devote to her true calling, the creative arts. She enjoys acrylic and watercolor painting as well as refinishing furniture and creating art from found and recycled objects. Her ‘banjo clock’ was part of the Commonwheel ‘Recycled Art’ show in 2018.

BF#? Ocean on my Wings “I love to watch the waves coming in off the California coastline."

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Ocean on my Wings

Artist: Melody Mettes

Inspiration: I love to watch the waves coming in off the California coastline. The bubbles and the movement of the water just fascinate me.

Why Flight: I’ve always wanted to participate since I took a walk down Tejon and saw them. Wow!

Something inside me compels me to put brushes and pens to paper. I do watercolors (mainly portraits), acrylics (mainly pours), pencil drawings, oils, torn paper - all of it is so satisfying. I grew up in Missouri although I have lived in Colorado since 1980. I was an excellent mathematician in college but only an average artist, so I went that way, leaving out an almost 40- year IT career in 2012. Since then, I've been painting. I love colors that swirl and eddy, like the water and the magnificent sunsets at the Lake of the Ozarks.

BF#? Vesuvius “Different temperatures of lava represented by paints and fractals swirling around."

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Artist: Nancy Neale Martin and John Martin

Inspiration: Different temperatures of lava represented by paints and fractals swirling around.

Why Flight: “Each of us has been transformed in life by our love of art. Someone, somewhere along the line, art teachers or mentors, told us that we could do and be anything… by pursuing our love of art in its many forms. By participating in FLIGHT, we are helping to make those dreams possible for kids in our community by supporting Art in Schools along with the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.”

Nancy Neale Martin is a lifelong artist in creator. Her forte is realism in her medium; watercolor. If an artist’s chosen medium can define them, she believes that watercolor is her true heart.

While it is her desire to continue to prove that there is excitement that comes from the pursuit of creating photorealistic pieces, she also enjoys going where the paint takes her and breaking the rules of artistic expression. Branching into acrylics as another form of watermedia, she has created an entire body of work where the paint itself directs what the subject would ultimately become. She hopes she can inspire you with art.

She is the President and Signature member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and Signature member of Watercolor West, Philadelphia Watercolor Society and juried member of Transparent Watercolor Society of America.

John Martin is originally from Missouri, and came to Colorado in 2013, where he immediately fell in love with the beauty of his surroundings. His background and degrees in mathematics and secondary education bring an element of precision, order and mathematical concept. His fascination with mathematics naturally transcends into his love of design, form and geometry. It is through these inspirations that his paintings and sculpture take shape. He has always had an appreciation of math and art and is inspired by the fact that math is in nature, music, color, form and shape and literally everything; everything is mathematical.

He is an associate member and treasurer of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society.

BF#? Flutterware “Much of my work is inspired by an impulse to iconize “mundane” objects we interact with in daily life."

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Artist: Annie Pieper

Inspiration: Much of my work is inspired by an impulse to iconize “mundane” objects we interact with in daily life. By removing or changing the context of these objects, my work gives the viewer the chance to think of them in new ways and hopefully pay the same reverent attention to them that I do.

Why Flight: I have never participated before, but Al B Johnson suggested that it would be an exciting canvas for my painting style. I agree! I earned a B.A. in Studio Art at Reed College in Portland, OR, in 1996. In 1998 I learned gilding on the dome of San Francisco’s City Hall, during its earthquake retrofit facelift. Over the next few years I developed my oil painting technique on copper leaf, and showed my work in galleries in San Francisco and New Orleans. I appreciate many art styles but find that the act of looking is what guides my own artmaking. Klimt’s use of ornament was both a document of changing values and a signal of cultural excess in turn-of-the-century Europe; I see it again here and now with reflection/mirror as decoration, as avatar, as mark-making in an age of personal image engineering.

BF#? Orchid Butterfly “?"

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Orchid Butterfly

Artist: Eva Spengler

Inspiration: ?

Why Flight: I love art because a way to peer into the beauty within each soul. Creativity is in each person and when they have a chance to express it in color, drawing, or sculpture, collage, etc, there is a spark of life and hope. My work ranges from portraits of people and animals, flowers, to landscapes.

I was born in Sweden and have lived 10 plus years in Europe and 30 in Hawaii. And now live in Colorado with my husband. We have 4 grown children in 10 grandchildren. Is a special joy to work as a coach for leaders East Africa working with kids at great risk with a special focus on equipping them to use art in their programs.