Height, 35” Wingspan 40” (12 for live auction)

BF#? Winged Sentinel “The beauty and grace of butterflies"

Other side

Winged Sentinel

Artist: Celeste Hodges

Inspiration: I am astounded by the beauty and grace of butterflies and am blessed when these creatures flutter through my vision while on their own journey.

Why Flight: I learned of the program through a friend who had participated previously. I am a therapist and artist. I am elated to work with a community who support education through active engagement in this project of creativity and collaboration.

Celeste Hodges was born in Denver and has lived in Albuquerque, Boston, and Sacramento CA. She returned to the Front Range 20 years ago and lives in Highlands Ranch. She loves the Colorado mountains and the changing seasons. Her artwork is seen in number of private collections.

My work, like my FLIGHT creature, is in a state of frequent metamorphosis. I have been surprised at how a sense of wonder and play will transform everyday materials and activities in my art life and my professional life as an educator.

During my work on this project, I have sought to take ideas from nature herself, observing and researching the patterns and colors and textures. Knowing that to improve on nature is ridiculous, I hope only to draw awareness and attention to the exquisite beauty of those creatures, the complicated role they play in our environment, and the need to safeguard their habitat and their lives.

BF#? Silver Mist “The iridescent beauty of real dragonflies."

Other side

Silver Mist

Artist: Frances Huntington

Inspiration: Silver Mist is inspired by the iridescent beauty of real dragonflies.

Why Flight: I had the opportunity to create a butterfly last year and appreciate the importance of the project. I believe that art education for kids is extremely important.

BF#? Conventina “The colors of the springs where I grew up. They were always filled with beautiful dragonflies zooming about and the fluid lines of Art Nouveau."

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Artist: Brandi Lowe

Inspiration: I was inspired by the colors of the springs where I grew up. They were always filled with beautiful dragonflies zooming about and the fluid lines of Art Nouveau.

Why Flight: I’m a huge supporter of art and creativity in our schools. I have spent thousands of hours volunteering in local schools promoting visual, and theatrical art as well as participating in FLIGHT in 2012, 13, 15 and 16.

Brandy Blackwood Lowe has been studying art all of her life. Born and raised in Carthage MO, she studied art at the University of Missouri Columbia, spent a summer studying art in Europe, and graduated with a degree in art graphic design from Missouri southern State University. She moved to Colorado Springs in 2000 and has loved creating her whimsical art here with the support of her husband and two growing children. Love of nostalgia, history, nature and quirkiness flavor Brandi’s artwork.

Brandi is an active advocate for the arts in all schools and enjoys volunteering with and for Colorado Springs youth. She has participated in the Colorado Springs FLIGHT project for several years, has painted murals for local schools, taught children’s art, given presentations for children on being an artist, and has been in charge of costuming and sets for an after school musical theater program at the Colorado Springs Charter Academy.

BF#? Just a Whisper “The wind and the silence inspired this piece. "

Other side

Just a Whisper

Artist: Jamie Moon

Inspiration: The wind and the silence inspired this piece. As I sit in silence in nature, focused on the present, I am aware of the “Whispers” as they go by.

Why Flight: I was honored to be part of Flight Lite last year and completely enjoyed the experience.

Jamie Moon lives in Pueblo Colorado. She is a sculptor, earth painter, speaker, teacher, mother, student, writer, and lover of life. Using clay and dirt from all over the world she creates sculptures, and paintings that are meditational, organic and functional. Jamie completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in December 2018 and is currently a full-time student at Sierra Nevada College pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree. She has also been an art teacher to grades k-12 for many years.

“After moving to Colorado in 2015, I fell in love with the mountains, lush valleys, high deserts, beautiful sunsets, mesa’s, and my many, adventures! It has been a very spiritual experience, bringing me closer to the earth and all that she offers me. My biggest lesson on this journey… “I own nothing and yet I have everything.

BF#? Lalique “Rene Lalique’s famous dragonfly corsage ornament from the late 1800’s."

Other side


Artist: Julie Nash

Inspiration: Rene Lalique’s famous dragonfly corsage ornament from the late 1800’s.

Why Flight: A friend has done a butterfly in the past and suggest that I do one.

Julie is a Colorado native and owner/jewelry appraiser of Anton Nash Jewelry Appraisers, LLC in Colorado Springs, Co. Julie earned a degree in studio art from the Colorado College. Working in the jewelry industry, her artistic skill and background are focused on jewelry design and evaluation. In the past, she has concentrated on figure drawing and oil painting. She is excited to get back into a true studio fine art project with this dragonfly.

Striking imagery and beauty are two valued concepts in any artwork that Julie creates or admires. She is interested in creating pieces that bring joy and a moment of beauty to the viewer. Julie’s influences are George Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles M. Russell, Tamara Lempicka, Cartier, and of course, Rene Lalique.

BF#? Silk Road Smuggler “The iridescence of dragonfly wings combined with the beauty of Japanese embroidered obi silks."

Other side

Silk Road Smuggler

Artist: Nancy Neale Martin

Inspiration: The iridescence of dragonfly wings combined with the beauty of Japanese embroidered obi silks.

Why Flight: Each of us has been transformed in life by our love of art. Someone, somewhere along the line, art teachers or mentors, told us that we could do and be anything… by pursuing our love of art in its many forms. By participating in FLIGHT, we are helping to make those dreams possible for kids in our community by supporting Art in Schools along with the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

Nancy Neale Martin is a lifelong artist in creator. Her forte is realism in her medium; watercolor. If an artist’s chosen medium can define them, she believes that watercolor is her true heart.

While it is her desire to continue to prove that there is excitement that comes from the pursuit of creating photorealistic pieces, she also enjoys going where the paint takes her and breaking the rules of artistic expression. Branching into acrylics as another form of watermedia, she has created an entire body of work where the paint itself directs what the subject would ultimately become. She hopes she can inspire you with art.

She is the President and Signature member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and Signature member of Watercolor West, Philadelphia Watercolor Society and juried member of Transparent Watercolor Society of America.

BF#? Anax-Junius “The adult male Common Green Darner dragonfly – the largest dragonfly species native to Colorado."


Artist: Erin Oesper-Nytes

Inspiration: The adult male Common Green Darner dragonfly – the largest dragonfly species native to Colorado.

Why Flight: As a returning artist, I very much enjoyed participating in this program in 2016 SN 2017. Erin Oesper-Nytes is a Colorado native with a diverse background in both art and science. She studied art history and studio art at Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Puget Sound and enjoys painting, drawing, photography, collage, graphic design, sewing, and even cake decoration. Additionally, she studied premedical biology at Colorado Mesa University and over the last decade has worked in the clinical research field on a number of national and international initiatives. As such, she draws artistic inspiration from a variety of sources both creative and scientific, and often aims to produce works that bridge the gap between these disciplines - which she sees as indivisible.

BF#? Hoverware “An impulse to iconize “mundane” objects we interact with in daily life."

Other side


Artist: Annie Pieper

Inspiration: Much of my work is inspired by an impulse to iconize “mundane” objects we interact with in daily life. By removing or changing the context of these objects, my work gives the viewer the chance to think of them in new ways and hopefully pay the same reverent attention to them that I do.

Why Flight: I have never participated before, but Al B Johnson suggested that it would be an exciting canvas for my painting style. I agree!

I earned a B.A. in Studio Art at Reed College in Portland, OR, in 1996. In 1998 I learned gilding on the dome of San Francisco’s City Hall, during its earthquake retrofit facelift. Over the next few years I developed my oil painting technique on copper leaf, and showed my work in galleries in San Francisco and New Orleans. I appreciate many art styles but find that the act of looking is what guides my own art-making. Klimt’s use of ornament was both a document of changing values and a signal of cultural excess in turn-of-the-century Europe; I see it again here and now with reflection/mirror as decoration, as avatar, as mark-making in an age of personal image engineering.

BF#? Wings of Gold “The magic dance flight of dragonflies.."

Other side

Wings of Gold

Artist: Kim Polomka

Inspiration: As a child I would spend hours at the local pond in Australia observing the magic dance flight of dragonflies. The light would catch the veins of the wings and gorgeous transparent wings of green and gold would emanate.

Why Flight: Specifically because of the financial support that Rotary gives the School Arts Program.

Kim was born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia and was educated at St. Ignatius Jesuit College. Awarded an arts scholarship to the South Australian School of Art, he was the youngest person to be elected to the Royal South Australian School of Art. Kim has had countless solo and group shows in Australia, winning many awards both there and in New York and had a Cultural Enterprise in Adelaide where he was instrumental in many corporate commissions. Being elected a city councilor in South Australia jumpstarted his passion for public art. “This awareness for public art certainly increased when I arrived in the Springs, and I have completed numerous murals down town, with three being voted as “Best in the Springs.” Kim was one of the original participants of the 2007 FLIGHT Campaign.

BF#? A Child's Dream “A child’s dream."

A Child's Dream

Artist: Nancy Stage Robinson

Inspiration: A child’s dream.

Why Flight: I have supported and been to many Rotary functions.

For 35 years Nancy Stage Robinson has been a successful working artist in Colorado Springs. She is shown in many galleries throughout the country as well as commissioned work including Japan. She creates a fluidity in motion that harkens back to 25 years of dance. Her newest series is “Espana en 4/4 Tiempo.

BF#? A "Dragon" Fly “Drawing dragons is something I’ve done for years and I thought it would be an interesting play on words."

Other side

A “Dragon” Fly

Artist: Sara Taylor

Inspiration: Drawing dragons is something I’ve done for years and I thought it would be an interesting play on words.

Why Flight: I saw the project on “First Friday Art Walk” and wanted to contribute. I am an art graduate, as well.

As an art graduate, I enjoy a wide variety of artistic activities - photography, traditional art, digital design, and more. Creating art has long been a passion of mine, and I never miss an opportunity to do so. Art is a daily challenge and fantastic adventure. Welcoming criticism and change, as well as having the ability to use old ideas and create new ones, provides direction for my process of creation. Each day is a chance to learn something new - a chance to take what I do and make it something great - and I plan to do just that.

BF#? Celtic Dragonfly “My heritage, as well as my husband’s."

Other side

Celtic Dragonfly

Artist: LeAnna Tuff

Inspiration: My heritage, as well as my husband’s.

Why Flight: Seeing Al B. Johnson’s butterflies in the past. So cool! Plus, love the cause.

Leanna Tuff’s works have been featured in galleries and in private homes around the country and abroad. She began training in Monterrey California where she studied at the Faces West gallery on Cannery Row with portrait artist Sylvia Rogers. She continued her studies with Daniel Greene and continued to develop her skill while raising three children in Vienna, Austria.

Leanna loves the joy and challenge of painting the faces of people and animals, and her goal is to achieve outstanding likenesses while capturing the essential beauty and personality of her subjects. Leanna has recently enjoyed exploring mixed media. Her exhibit “A Peek Behind the Curtain” in the main gallery at Cottonwood Center for the Arts last August featured many paintings of performing artists in oil and acrylic.

She has been the featured artist in Carmel-by-the Sea, California, and her portraits were shown in a Sunset Center Gallery exhibition “A Carmel Dog’s Story,” highlighting the town’s prominent dogs and people, and the stories of how they came together.