Call for Artists

Download application packet here

Application and design concept due: Friday May 10, 2019 email to artist@coloradospringsrotary.org

Notification of juror selections: Wednesday May 15, 2019

Artists’ workshop – pick up butterfly and dragonfly components: Thursday/Friday May 30 and 31, 2019

Completed butterfly and dragonfly art pieces due: Thursday July 18, 2019

the Butterflies will be bid upon both In Person or Online!

Rotary Social, Raffle & Silent Auction of Butterflies

September 2019

Create...an original art design on a large, crafted aluminum or small steel butterfly.

Or, new this year, a large aluminum Dragonfly! Rotary Club of Colorado Springs will supply the butterflies and dragonflies and a stipend.

Inspire...the artist in all of us.

Your butterfly will be on display to the public in Colorado Springs prior to the Flight 2019 Social and Auction.

Empower...students in District 11 schools.

Proceeds from the butterflies will benefit D-11 Arts & Sciences programs and Rotary Community Service Projects.

Flight is a community service initiative led by The Rotary Club of Colorado Springs to raise awareness and funding to ensure that children receive essential arts programs with the educational benefits that promote brain development, social skills, improved communication and effective learning. Flight 2019 will be a little bit different from the Flight Lite event last year. This year, we will feature 24 petite butterflies that measure approximately 9”x9” by 7” tall and will be sold at Silent Auction with no “buy it now price”. This year’s Live Auction will feature 4 large butterflies, 8 small butterflies and brand new to Flight: 12 dragonflies! One additional large butterfly will be selected for the Raffle. Participating artists will contribute to making dreams real by transforming blank, aluminum alloy (the small and large objects) or steel (the petite objects) sculptures into original works of art. Each transformed sculpture will be displayed in Colorado Springs during the month of August and then become part of an auction in mid-September at the Flight Social and Butterfly Auction with proceeds benefiting creative arts education for children in School District 11 and for the Rotary Club’s Community Service Fund.

The Cause

This colorful event demonstrates the creativity of regional artists and raises awareness about the critical importance of childhood participation in art - a significant stimulus for later success in other disciplines including math, science, language, literature, and critical thinking skills.

Flight provides a positive image and metaphor for children while simultaneously raising funds for their arts and science programs. As a creative artist, your participation can help promote a healthy cocoon for every child and encourage a creative metamorphosis into all each can be! Rotary Community Service Programs benefit children and families throughout the entire city.

Artist Compensation and Understandings

Artists will be provided:

• *$250 stipend for materials for large butterflies.

• *$150 for small butterflies.

• *$150 for dragonflies.

• *$50 for petite butterflies.

• Any costs incurred over these amounts should be considered a donation to Flight.

• 10% of the auction sale price for their art piece. (Note: The Large raffle butterfly percentage will top off at $800).


• Each artist who creates a LARGE or SMALL Butterfly or Dragonfly will receive two free tickets to the Flight 2019 Social and Butterfly Auction. The designer of a PETITE butterfly will receive one free ticket to the event. Tickets are per artist, not per number of pieces selected.


• Final “automotive clear coat” will be provided by our presenting sponsor, “Status Symbol Auto Body”.

Artists will be recognized:

• During the community exhibit on signage near their art piece;

• On printed materials;

• On the Rotary Club’s website;

• At the celebratory auction event, the Flight Social and Butterfly Auction.

• Artists are also encouraged to promote Flight on their individual Facebook pages and within artist groups to which they belong.

Up to four design concepts may be submitted per artist. Artists who are selected will be asked to sign an Artist Agreement (see attached). Artists must select “dragonfly” or the size of the butterfly each design represents.

Community Exhibit

Art pieces will be placed on display during the month of August. The artist’s name and title of the art piece will be displayed near each work. In addition, a photograph of each completed piece, including the artist’s concept description, will be available on the Rotary Club’s website.

Design Guidelines

The audience for Flight will be the general public, all ages and backgrounds. Designs that are religious, political, sexual in nature, bear controversial messages, insignia, or other material will not be accepted. Simply glued and “bedazzled” designs will not be accepted. Designs incorporating business logos or advertising will not be accepted. The Artist Review Panel may reject any design that does not conform to these design guidelines.

The Art Piece Components

Butterfly and dragonfly components (raw materials for painting) will be provided by Rotary Club and should be picked up by each selected artist at a provided location. There are multiple sizes of butterflies, so be sure to indicate on the application which one you have selected. Butterfly and dragonfly components (large and small) are made from aluminum alloy and the petite butterflies are made from steel. The large size butterflies weigh about 50 pounds; the small butterflies and the dragonfly sculptures weigh about 25 pounds. They will be mounted on a 30-pound base. Both large and small sizes have a white powder coat finish. The petite butterflies weigh less than 5 pounds and will be made from brushed surface raw steel that will require prepping before painting. The petite butterflies are considered “table top” but may also be mounted on a garden stake outside.

Important Information

All completed pieces will be protected for outdoor display, even if they may be displayed to the public indoors. Artists will produce their designs in their homes or studios. They can paint, sculpt, transform, or adorn the art piece to complete their design, but the structural integrity of the piece must remain intact. The art pieces will become the property of Flight until the final auction, when they will become the property of the highest bidder.

Concept Design Template and Art Object Sizes

Please complete a concept design template (included with the application form) for each entry. Templates may not be enlarged greater than 8 ½ x 11.” Make sure to create a thorough color design on both the inside and outside wings since this will be the basis for the jurors’ panel selection. “Inside” wings face the sky and “outside” wings face the ground. Once selected, the artist is bound to the design concept submitted. Any material deviations are subject to return to the artist for modifications. Please indicate if you want your design(s) to be considered for:

• the Petite Butterflies (24 for silent auction) - Petite: 7" Height, 9" Wingspan (about 1.25 ft2 total surface area)

• the Small Butterflies (8 for live auction); - Small: 35" Height, 45" Wingspan (about 6.25 ft2 total surface area)

• the Large Butterflies (4 for live auction, 1 for the Raffle) - Large: 45” Height, 62” Wingspan (about 8.5 ft2 total surface area)

• the Dragonflies (12 for live auction) - Height, 35” Wingspan 40” (about 5.0 ft2 total surface area)

Special Note

Flight is a charitable effort to raise funds to benefit children. Consequently the successful sale of the pieces at auction relies on their appeal to bidders who may place them in their homes or outside in their gardens, or any outdoor location that should require minimal maintenance. Please keep this in mind when creating your piece.

Additional Guidelines

Flight is a community celebration of art where individuals are invited to touch and experience the pieces on public display. So, please keep durability and public safety in mind when designing.

• Objects may be attached to the art pieces but these objects must adhere to the guidelines noted above. Any attached objects must be attached in such a way that they cannot be easily removed. Designs using photos or skins will not be accepted

• The artist is responsible for any transportation that is required.

• All art pieces may require touch-up and cleaning prior to the auction. As notified by Flight, artists will be expected to be available to complete these touch-ups during the days preceding the auction at the Flight Social and Butterfly Auction.

• Artists may submit up to four designs, but each should be on a separate application form. All submitted designs will become the property of Flight.

2019 Timeline

Please be mindful of the schedule as you produce your piece.

May 10

Applications and design concepts due

May 14

Jury selection completed

May 15

Selection notifications to artists; contracts sent to those selected

May 30,31

Artists pick up butterflies!

Artist Workshop: timeline, resources, marketing, weekly check-ins with photos…

Signed contracts and W-9’s are due at pick up

June 7

Material stipend checks issued to artists (must have executed contract in-house!)

June 17-24

Weekly check-in from artists with photos/videos of metamorphosis

July 1-8

Weekly check-in from artists with photos/videos of metamorphosis

July 15

Final check-in!

July 18

Completed butterflies due; artists drop off butterflies for automotive clear coat (NO EXCEPTIONS)

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