Colorado Barn Quilts

By Louise Garrels

Colorado Barn Quilts exists to celebrate you, your home, your family quilt, and other images you value through hand-painted squares of happiness.

Custom Barn Quilts


Your favorite quilt made by your nana, your home state's quilt block, favorite colors ...let's create one that incorporates your favorites.

Special Occasion Barn Quilts

Special Occasion

Through color and design, these 2' x 2'barn quilts bring your favorites holiday to life through design and color.

Stock Barn Quilts


A variety of inspirations have inspired stock 2' x 2' barn quilts that are ready for you to hang indoors or outdoors. Check out the Gallery page to explore ideas.

Barn quilts have a history dating back to the early 1700's in America and Canada. Quilts were originally sewn but as paint became more readily available and affordable in the mid 1800's, painted barn quilts began to emerge. As larger format sheets of lumber became available, larger barn quilts were painted to provide farms a unique way to identify their location with a colorful, simple, geometric quilt block hung on barns.

Iowa barn photographed by Nikolyn McDonald

Alabama Barn Quilt
Wisconsin Barn Quilt

Fast forwarding to the 21st century, barn quilts have evolved to be more colorful and more intricate in design but no less representative of the spirit of their farms and families.

Hessian Hill Farm, New York, Barn Quilt
Murdock, Nebraska Barn Quilt
Menifee County, Kentucky Barn Quilt

Menifee County, KY, barn

There is additional lore that points to barn quilts and sewn quilts being a way to illustrate the way north to freedom for those that travelled the Underground Railroad to seek freedom from slavery in the southern United States.