BrainBreak is a web plug-in and mobile application that encourages healthy digital habits by interspersing content consumption with fun, creative, and educational activities.

BrainBreak offers five mini-activities including: Yogi You, Breathing Buddy, Word Wizard, Painting Pal, and Memory Master. While these activities are targeted towards 6-8 year olds, future iterations of BrainBreak can scale the difficulty of mini activities to fit any age group. In addition to the plug-in and mobile application, BrainBreak includes a corresponding online portal that guardians (parents, teachers, etc.) can access to set break time limit, targeted age range and track usage statistics.

Web Plug-In

When the BrainBreak plug-in is installed, a small banner is shown on the top of the webpage that has a timer (the time limit of which is set by parental controls). When the timer runs out, a pop-up comes up, blurring out the content currently being viewed. Set to stay open for a set amount of time (also determined by parental controls), the pop-up has 6 different activity options that the user can choose from. The pop-up will not go away until its time has run out.

Web Portal

The web portal is the corresponding online site for the plug-in. It allows parents, guardians, teachers, and children to access their usage statistics, including hours of content consumed daily and weekly, and how frequently each activity is chosen. The portal also has a separate parent login to set the targeted age group, content time limit, and break time duration.

Mobile Application

The BrainBreak mobile application acts very similarly to the web plug-in. Once downloaded and opened, the app tells the user how much time they have to consume content (watch videos, use social media, play games, etc.) before they need to take a break. At this point the app can be exited, but left running, while other apps are used. When time runs out, the app notifies the user with a pop-up that blocks content until the set break time has run out. On top of the mini-activities, the app includes usage statistics and a parent portal to select age group, content time limit, and break time duration.