Fall 2020

Statistics, Optimization and Machine Learning Seminar

Quick info

To sign up for the mailing list and receive announcements about talks (you do not need to be enrolled in the seminar), visit our google groups website and add yourself to the group

The seminar is organized by Professors Rafael Frongillo (CS Dept) and Stephen Becker (Applied Math Dept)

Fall 2020 Update: the seminar is cancelled this semester but will restart Spring 2021

Due to COVID-19, we are putting the seminar on pause for fall 2020

The seminar is open to the public!

You do not have to be enrolled in the class ... but if you are enrolled in the class, for a passing grade, you must:

    1. attend all the talks (missing an occasional talk is permissible if you have a valid reason, so email the instructors), and
    2. give a ~20 min presentation at some point in the semester, either on your own research, or presenting a paper