Defamiliarizing data

INFO 4747/5747

Defamiliarizing Data: The Ethnography and Design of Making Data Strange (4 CR)
A CU Global Seminar

Co-taught by: Dr. Amy Voida & Dr. Stephen Voida  < &>
CU Education Abroad Advisor: Julie Roberts <>

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Course Description: This course introduces students to the study and design of data in an unfamiliar, international context. Develops students’ ethnographic and design skills for defamiliarizing data–seeing, characterizing, and designing for data in ways that render it as unfamiliar and strange in order to gain new perspectives and insights about those data and the contexts in which they are produced and consumed.

Summer 2025
Data may be everywhere, but in 2025, London will once again be our amazing home base for exploring data in a different cultural context. Here, we will explore the role of data in sites that quite literally set the standard for the rest of the world; in the country's contributions to computing and military history; and in its legendary storytelling! 

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Summer 2024
We launched INFO 4747 in London in the summer of 2024 with 8 amazing students in the inaugural class...

About your Instructors!

Dr. Amy Voida and Dr. Steve Voida are both Associate Professors and Founding Faculty in the Department of Information Science. Steve designs personal health informatics systems for mental health and other chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Amy studies the role of data in nonprofit organizations, particularly human service organizations that help some of the most marginalized among us.

Amy & Steve are passionate about study abroad experiences, having spent several semesters abroad as students, themselves:

Be forewarned: Amy travels by following her sweet tooth and Steve is compelled to climb anything and everything that can possibly be climbed ;-)