David, Don, and Michael believe that they can make a difference in student government by representing students and student organizations to the fullest extent possible. They believe that student government should embody the values of Visibility, Efficiency, Accountability, and Responsibility. To achieve these aims, they want to improve response times to funding requests by establishing better communication and trial response time quotas, to set the standard for Student Government’s visibility and role in students’ lives through active participation in the community, to work with campus administration on initiatives to end sexual assault, and to use CUSG’s unique resources to find and address Considering that student organizations are important in facilitating student involvement, they deserve all the help and support that Student Government can give them so that they can drive student involvement and better our community.


David is a sophomore majoring in engineering who enjoys snow sports, educating and tutoring others, and watching Game of Thrones. He would like to see the CU Student Government engage in more initiatives that will benefit the community at large.


Don is a freshman majoring in international affairs who enjoys world politics, woodworking, and diverse music. He is largely interested in in helping developing nations set up sustainable institutions.


Michael is a sophomore majoring in computer science who enjoys helping the community, cycling along Boulder Creek, and working on his car. He is minoring in Business, so he is especially interested in the accounting and processes behind how money is distributed to student organizations.