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April 10 - David Velleman on "Family History" (Rescheduled from March 13)

How important is it to know your biological parents? 

In this month's essay, philosopher David Velleman argues that knowing your biological family is a uniquely important way that we come to understand ourselves, and provides crucial self-knowledge that can’t be learned any other way. As a consequence, he argues (perhaps shockingly!) that we have a reason to prohibit people having children using an anonymous person’s sperm and egg donations. Those children would never know their biological parents, and so, according to Velleman, creating them would be selfish of the parents. 

Details about the session, links to the text, and a reading guide can be found below.

Please read the text before our meeting and come with questions you'd like to discuss together. 

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What to expect at a session

To prepare, please read the text to the best of your ability. A reading guide is available below. If you are unable to read ahead, please come anyway!

After brief introductions and a review of the discussion policies, the facilitator will ask participants to submit questions and ideas for discussion.  The facilitator will then guide the group in working through as many of their questions as possible before recapping and wrapping up the discussion.

No background in philosophy is expected or required. We are excited to discuss the ideas raised by your interaction with the text!

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Get this month's text

Download Velleman's essay "Family History" here:


This essay is published in an open access book (Creative Commons license) by Velleman titled Beyond Price. The essay we are reading, "Family History," is chapter 5.  You can view and download the entire book here:

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