Project Showcase for English 10 and English 11

English 11: Reviews

English 11 students were tasked with reviewing anything they chose, such as a restaurant, specific type of food, movie, book, video game or product. Some students compared french fries or "signature" burgers, others reviewed a new album or release. Some chose to review something they were very familiar with, others tried something brand new to them. Here are some of the results.

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English 10: Personal Narratives

English 10 students were tasked with writing about a personal event that was important to them. They worked on developing a unique author's voice, using dialogue to move the story forward, and incorporating specific details to bring the story to life. Because of their personal nature, the author's names have been left off the stories, and characters in the stories have had their names changed.

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PN #1
PN #2
PN #5
Ice Skating

English 11: Beowulf Projects

After reading the Anglo-Saxon epic, students were tasked with creating an analytical, creative or research project that demonstrated their understanding of the tale. Below are just a few.

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JH Beowulf
GMNO Beowulf
OS Beowulf
KC Beowulf