Welcome to Class 6M

A message from your teacher...

Hello Class 6M, I miss seeing you everyday, but remember, even though we might not be in school together, I am still here to support your learning. I can't believe we are about to start the second week of being at home! How are you all finding it? I know, at my house, we are trying to get into a routine but that doesn't always work. However, one thing we are doing every day, which definitely helps, is making sure we get out for a 30 minute daily walk every day. I hope you are all getting fresh air too.

For your home learning this week, I have changed the resources a little as I know some of you struggled with the Twinkl work. If you could give me your feedback on google classroom as to how everything is going that would be great; I am trying to pop onto google classroom everyday to hear from you all. Please try and check it daily and reply to my messages as I miss you all!

Try and complete the activity from the Collingwood 100 Challenge this week (see below). I have also included some further activities you could have a go at at home for a bit of fun and relaxation (scroll down).

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy. You are all amazing!

Mrs Macartney

Other news...

Check out the 'NEW' COLLINGWOOD 100 WEEKLY CHALLENGE below. This will soon link to a dedicated webpage where the whole school (including staff) will be able to share the challenges they've successfully completed.

There's a 'NEW' STORY TIME section too. This already exists as a new webpage where you can listen to stories read by Teachers, LSAs and other adults from Collingwood.

Children who attended school last week, looked at the location of the International Space Station.

If you'd like to take a look visit:


You can enter your location (or just zoom into Chelmsford on the map) and it will tell you the date, time and compass location of the International Space Station each day. It looks like a moving cross and a bit like a star, so look carefully!

Y6 Home Learning

Following the closure of schools due to COVID-19, please use the following links to support your child's learning.

Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Supporting your child at home - Y6 Wk 2

Twinkl school closure free access code: UKTWINKLHELPS use at: www.twinkl.co.uk/offer

Every week I am going to set you a challenge from the Collingwood 100 Challenge list. Share your successes on Google Classroom, email to the school (see below) or perhaps scrapbook your ideas/achievements each week.

Week Beginning 30th March 2020: Use coding to invent your own computer game (no. 44)

You could use Scratch or a similar app to complete this task Good luck!


'NEW' e-mail a photo or video of your successes to: 100@collingwood.essex.sch.uk

Always ask an adult for permission before sending media to be posted online

Any parent/carer who has not given consent for pictures to be shared on the school website and would like to give permission for their child's achievements to be shared online please contact the school office: admin@collingwood.essex.sch.uk tel. 01245 322 258

Y6 Home Learning Activities

For a bit of fun, or 'down time' have a go at these fun learning activities (week beg 30.3.20):

Spring Birds Hunt Checklist.pdf

From your garden, or window, can you spot all of these Spring birds? Take photos if you can!

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe.pdf

Can you make a smoothie smoothie? Or perhaps you could change the recipe to make a banana smoothie? Or a blueberry smoothie?

Further Home Learning Support

This website that has been created by four Essex headteachers to help families support their children at home.

Other Home Learning ideas

(If Twinkl isn't working)

Home Learning Ideas if Twinkl isn't working

Fast Maths

Copy of fast maths SHEET.docx

Y6 Learning Highlights...

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

What an amazing effort everyone has been putting in with their learning.

Great investigative work in science, learning about the components found in blood.

Fantastic DT work in which we have been learning to use tools safely and accurately.

Fab work in Maths, learning to divide decimals, using place value counters to support our learning.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Home Farm 2019

Y6 had a fantastic residential trip at Home Farm near the New Forest in Surrey. Highlights included learning survival skills in the forest, visiting Beaulieu Motor Museum, helping to care for the animals on the farm and hot chocolate before bed!

Learning this term...

6M_Topic Web A little bit of blood and gore.docx

Class 6M Stars of the week...

March Stars

L and H for being resilient when faced with changes to routines.

Reading and Writing Support...

In Year 6, we are currently reading 'Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman.

When reading with your child at home, ensure they have understood what they are reading by discussing the main events. Discuss unfamiliar words and their meanings and use in different contexts to further develop understanding.

In Y6, children find inferring meaning quite challenging. Use the following questions to support your child's learning.

What message is the author trying to give here?

How do you know that....?

Why do you think that....?

How do you know that...?

How might....feel? Why do you think that?

Why do you think the author chose these words?

Remember to use the 'Mastery Reading Skills' in your child's communication book to find further questions to use when reading together.

Y5/6 Spelling rules and word list


Number Support...

To support your child in maths, work on practical skills at home:• Play times tables games.

• Play mental maths games including counting in different amounts, forwards and backwards. • Encourage opportunities for telling the time including calculating time differences, e.g. I arrive at... I leave at ..... How long was I.....?

• Encourage opportunities for counting coins and money; finding amounts or calculating change when shopping, including multiplication of decimals, e.g. if a creme egg costs £0.69, how much will 8 eggs cost me?

• Look for numbers on street signs, car registrations and anywhere else! Are any of these prime numbers? What factors do these numbers have? What is 10x the number, what is 100x the number?

• Look for examples of 2D and 3D shapes around the home. What would the net look like for these objects? 3D shapes - how many edges? vertices?

• Identify, weigh or measure quantities and amounts in the kitchen or in recipes. Can you convert g to kg? ml to l?

• Play games involving numbers or logic, such as dominoes, card games, darts, draughts and chess.