English 10 Honors

An accelerated class that requires students to think deeply and richly about both fiction and non-fiction, this course offers a blend of classic literary works, and contemporary non-fiction from authors of diverse backgrounds. While the course places a heavy emphasis on a variety of writing/reading skills to achieve the Common Core State Standards, it also introduces students to concepts that will be addressed more thoroughly in the Advanced Placement English 11 class. As well, English 10 Honors further develops students’ vocabulary, grammar, and habits of mind and thinking skills. As well, students, individually as well as collaboratively, will conduct/write several research projects/papers. Students will also be introduced to the types of essays on the AP Language and Composition exam, as well as timed writing exercises. Since this is a Pre-Advanced Placement [College] course, students should expect a rigorous, challenging and active experience. This course is highly recommended for students who plan to enroll in English 11 Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition.

To access class materials please go to Google Classroom and join the English 10 Honors class with the code w3prnr.