Jamie Breitner

Extended Day: Thursday 3-4


Telephone: (303) 972-7433 ex. 161

About Me:

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English and my Master of Arts in Teaching from James Madison University in Virginia, and moved from Costa Rica to Colorado in January 2017. I came to Colorado to experience the Rocky Mountains and take my love of hiking and snowboarding to the next level (Virginia mountains are beautiful but comparatively small). In addition to hiking and boarding, I enjoy cooking, playing disc golf and traveling the world.

In 2011, I taught in an elementary school in Salamanca, Spain where most of my students had never met someone from the United States. All of them were beginning to learn English and my experience there changed my perspective on global learning. My student teaching experiences in Virginia gave me insight into the public secondary education system in the United States. Most recently, I taught middle and high school English at one of the top 10 best private bilingual schools in Costa Rica. Last semester, I taught everything from 8th grade grammar classes for English Language Learners to IB English Language and Literature as well as IB Literature and everything in between.