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This web page will serve as Livingston's coronavirus resource center. We are actively monitoring COVID-19 and the CDC and Louisiana State guidelines to ensure the continued safety of our community.

***We will update this page regularly to share information about the School’s ongoing response, so check this page often.***


Livingston Collegiate 20-21 Back-to-School Guide

Monday, July 27, 2020

Livingston Families,

Welcome to all of our new students and families and welcome back to all of our returning students and families! This school year will undoubtedly be different than any other before it - not only for us, but for schools across the city, country, and world.

Amidst all of this change, the core of our school will remain the same. Our teachers are actively preparing for engaging and challenging classes. Students will have opportunities to build and deepen relationships with our staff and with one another through class, advisory, study hall, and other structures. We remain proud to be wolves and united in our commitment to supporting all students in pursuing their passions and developing their plans for life after high school.

We know you have many questions about this school year. Below, you will find information about:

  • Orientation and technology pick up

  • The start of classes and our calendar for the start of the year

  • Our supply list

  • Our uniform policy for virtual and in-person learning

  • Our school calendar for August and September

  • Our meal program

In addition, you can find additional information about how Livingston and other Collegiate Academies schools will partner with you at

Please review this information as you prepare for the 20-21 school year. Livingston is committed to supporting all families, now more than ever. If you have questions or need additional support, please call 504-503-0004 or email


Evan Stoudt

20-21 Orientation Details

Student and Family Orientation will start on Monday 8/17. Each grade level will follow a different schedule, which are outlined below.

Tech Pickup Picnic: receive your Chromebook, other important information and resources, and experience a technology orientation.

  • If your child has their own computer, you should still attend this event. Please bring the computer with you so that we can use it during the technology orientation.

  • This event will include a brief technology orientation. This will occur outside with a staff member, who will remain socially distanced. Please bring a mask for you and your student to wear during this time.

  • We may conduct hearing and vision screenings for 9th graders at this event. These will take place outside and will be conducted with all safety protocols in place.

  • Please bring copies of the following documents if you have not yet provided these to the school:

    • New students: Birth certificate, parent photo ID, proof of residence, immunization records, IEP/504/LAP (if applicable)

    • Returning students: Updated proof of residence (must be from 2020 year)

    • Seniors only: copy of parents 2019 taxes (for FAFSA completion) - parents will also fill out a tax transcript form and students will receive an ACT waiver form

    • Alternatively, you may email these documents to, fax them to 504.324.0322, or bring them to our office between 9 am - 12 pm on any business day.

  • If you have multiple children at Livingston, you may attend this event twice OR attend the earliest Pickup Picnic that corresponds to your children’s grade level. (For example, if you have a 10th grader and a 12th grader, you can attend on Monday, August 17th OR attend on both Monday, August 17th and Thursday, August 20th.

Following the Pickup Picnic, all students will complete the following activities:

  • Students will attend online orientation sessions with other students in their grade.

  • Students and families will participate in online, individual meetings with their child’s advisor to review key information for the school year and get to know one another better. This meeting will last approximately 30 minutes.

  • Students will complete MAP testing to assess students’ current levels in reading and math

Here is the schedule for each grade level:

20-21 Supply List


  • Chromebook or other computer

    • Students will participate in synchronous, online courses. All students must have a Chromebook or another computer to participate in class and complete work.

    • The school will provide a Chromebook for any student who needs one. Please review the Orientation details to see when you and your child can pick up a Chromebook.

  • Internet access

    • If you need in-house Wi-Fi, we recommend signing up for Cox’s Connect2Compete Internet program. The school has a limited number of wireless hotspots available for families that do not have internet access. We will distribute these first come, first serve starting on 8/17.

  • Set of mechanical pencils or box of pencils and a plastic hand-held pencil sharpener

  • Set of black or blue ink pens

  • Headphones (for use with your computer)

    • These may be helpful in reducing distractions at home. If a student attends study hall on campus in the future, these will be essential.

  • Calculator

    • We recommend a TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator. This calculator costs approximately $100. It will be essential for students throughout high school and college, so we view this as a multi-year investment for your child.

    • Students may also use a TI-30X IIS calculator, which costs around $15.

  • Notebook or ruled notebook paper for scratchwork, note-taking, etc.

Recommendations for distance learning:

In addition to the supplies listed above, we recommend that students and families identify and set up a designated space for students to attend classes and complete work. Here are some recommendations for creating a successful work space:

  • A quiet room

  • A desk or table for students to organize their Chromebook and other materials

  • A supportive chair to sit in (not a bed or couch)

  • Limited distractions

20-21 Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy for Distance Learning:

When students are participating in class from home, they will not be required to wear a Livingston uniform. Their clothing should be “school appropriate,” similar to an outfit a student would wear on one of our dress-down days. Clothing and other items must be free of profanity, vulgarity, and references to acts of violence, drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

Uniform Policy for In-Person Learning:

When participating in study hall or other learning on our campus, students will be required to follow our Livingston dress code. Those policies are available on our website. Email with questions.

Our Meal Program

All Collegiate Academies students are eligible for a free meal delivery service. A meal kit consisting of 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches will be delivered to your house starting the week of 8/17. Sign up online at Complete by 5 pm on Wednesday 8/12 to start the week of 8/17.

In addition, we will continue to offer curbside pickup on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am - 12 pm at two locations: Carver: 3059 Higgins Blvd. and Rosenwald: 1801 LB Landry Ave.

20-21 Calendar

Our school calendar and bell schedule for August and September is below. We will share our full 20-21 school year calendar soon. Since school will look very different this year, we will periodically revisit our schedule and assess if updates are needed to better serve our students. Any schedule changes will be communicated to students and families.

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