Google Slides Instructions

Poster Instructions - Google Slides

These instructions are based on Google Slides as of November 2017 (be aware that Slides, a "cloud" application, can change at any time)

You are going to create a single Slides slide that is 35 inches by 43 inches.

Step 1: Create a "poster" Slide

  • Open Google Drive
  • New Google Slides
    • File > Page Setup
      • Custom
      • Portrait orientation - 35" x 43" or Landscape orientation - 43" x 35"
    • Delete the standard slide text/graphic boxes
    • Add content to your poster as you would any slide:
      • insert text boxes to organize your material, text and images, on the slide
      • backgrounds are best selected from the pre-set design schemes
  • About Images
    • Avoid using too many large images
    • Don't use a background image that will make text hard to read!
    • Generally avoid resizing a small image to a larger one
  • It will be helpful to zoom in (to see how images and graphics look and to work with text) and out (to get the overall layout that you want). To zoom check the option in the "View" menu.
  • Save your work as usual with Drive (automatic saving)

NOTE: Important things to remember/consider:

  • Project Requirements - Does your poster contain the items required for your project. Professors or conferences typically require some or all of the following:
    • Your name(s) (and the names of any sponsors)
    • Date (or semester)
    • Course, or department, or your project name
    • Your professor's name
    • References (may be able to use smaller fonts)
  • Preview, Preview, Preview - Use the print preview whenever possible in this process to see if your output looks correct.
  • Things to check:
    • Does the poster size look OK with respect to the displayed borders (not a postage stamp on a huge screen)? If not, check page/paper sizes
    • Are top/bottom or left/right sections of the poster clipped? If not, check the orientation and/or the length/width order of the paper size (e.g., may need to change 43x35 to 35x43)
    • Remember the image notes above (too many, too large, or resized images can look great but cause problems with printing)
    • PowerPoint has a "Grid and Guides" function which you can lay over your poster; this might be useful for lining things up. Find it in the "View" menu.
    • Will your text color be hard to read on your background graphic?

  • File > Download as... > PDF Document (.pdf)
  • Submit or share as directed

Note: PDF submission is required for individual printing requests. For Google Slides you may also be asked to share your Slides.