Opening doors to Europe for our students through professional development


We thank Borja González Rozalén for his help.


Since its beginnings, Mirasur School has been aware of the importance of mastering the English language as it is a lingua franca of communication in most countries; hence our intention at all times to look for tools and ways to improve the training of its teachers and students in English, which is why the school has been offering English language training to its staff for several years now. The aim of this interest is to increase the future possibilities of our students when they leave school, since we provide them with the opportunity to study the degree in their bilingual modality, the possibility of studying abroad or even compete in the foreign labour market. The fact that being an associated work company , formed by personnel some of whom, at first, did not know languages , has been a brake on further progress in this field and that we have tried to solve and repair with the interest shown by the staff themselves to improve in this area.

The activities are designed for the participation of teachers and non-teaching staff, as well as teachers who specialize in English or in different stages and subjects, so that the impact and dissemination of learning in the school is as great as possible. To this xend, structured English courses have been sought for non-teaching and teaching staff in different subjects, CLIL courses and improvement of teaching methodology and Jobshadowing of language teaching.

An improvement in English is expected to enable non-teaching staff to enhance their communication skills in order to perform their work more efficiently, teachers will be able to feel empowered to include activities and units in English and English language specialists at different stages to improve their oral skills and learn new teaching methods.

Once the activities have been carried out, it is expected that year after year the effect on our students will make them improve their language skills, which will be beneficial for them. Our institution and the town will benefit from having a centre of reference for the high level of language teaching and its connections through European projects.