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Welcome to the English website of Francesc de Borja Moll School

Palma, Spain

English is no longer a boring subject in which you study grammar and vocabulary and that's it. English is a language, a mean of communication, a way to express ideas and beliefs, to debate and to learn from other cultures.

Nowadays English is used in most professional fields and, as students, we are starting from the very beginning. We learn how to use English grammar so it becomes one more tool that will come with us along our path in life.

In this website, we are proud to share the best works of our students.

We hope that this may encourage other students to share their progress on English language too, so we all learn.

Please enjoy the content of the website and feel free to send any comment you may have.


Are you keen on using English in social media? Do you want to move forward? Go beyond we do in class and learn from the best.

In this page you will find a set of free tools available on the Internet that can be used to improve learning.

From time to time we travel... find more information here.

we love learning from the best,

so here is where our Dr.Seuss corner rests