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Commence building your own portfolio with Coinbase

Investors all over the world are commencing their crypto trade journey and are looking for a strong platform that can satisfy their trade needs and help them in building a strong financial base to achieve their pre-determined goals and objectives. In this way, several crypto exchanges were launched that can serve the purpose of crypto investment for the traders and bring crypto funds and the investors all together with a view to ease their trading.

However, some exchanges made their name while others went lost in this virtual world of digital assets.  In all this, there is an amazing platform that is delivering exceptional crypto services to current investors since its inception and is encouraging potential ones to try their hands out in this trade.

I am hereby referring to a well-recognized and reputed crypto exchange- Coinbase that is looking forward to spreading its wings in this industry by introducing its entities each related to a separate specialization. Coinbase login offers several trading options to investors to enhance their financial funds and grow them in a much more secure manner.

A quick check at the Coinbase

Coinbase is a well-known name in the crypto industry that is sincerely working to serve its investors in the best manner with every passing day. Just like the other exchanges, it acts as an intermediary between the crypto investors and the digital assets. The exchanges primarily deal in providing buying, selling, exchange, and staking options to the crypto traders to enjoy a seamless crypto trade journey.

The exchange currently holds more than 108 million verified users and over 245,000 ecosystem partners scattered in around 100 countries over the globe. To embark on your trade journey you’ll have to simply register your profile with the exchange and resume your trade with the Coinbase Login process every time you wish to perform any activity. Moreover, for professional traders, the company has introduced a separate entity “Coinbase Pro” having in-built advanced trading features to give wings to a professional’s trade journey. If you are also a professional, then you can add wings to your trade by proceeding with the Coinbase Pro Login.

Is Coinbase Pro shutting down?

This is one of the hottest topics relating to the crypto market. Talking about Coinbase Pro without clarifying whether it is on the way to closing its services or not will be quite unfair. Well, as per the reports and the announcement made by the team at the exchange it has been confirmed that this entity will stop offering its services.

Now, you might be thinking then why the company has decided to make this move?

The company after going through its previous performance decided to give its users an improved trading experience by adding some advanced trading tools. This means that no doubt that you’ll now be able to go for a Coinbase Pro login but the team has decided to shift this platform from Pro to “Advanced Trade” which carries in-built advanced trading tools and techniques to foster users’ funds and accelerate the trading journey in a favorable manner. However, all your funds will be secured with the exchange.

What you can do with the Coinbase login?

Apart from enjoying the buy, sell, and exchange of digital assets, you can even earn a high rate of interest on your funds. Coinbase login opens up an opportunity to the users that gives them an option of staking wherein the users have to simply lock their funds for a specified period of time. Not only this, but they can also earn by way of Defi Yield. Both options are available in 70+ countries while Defi is available only outside the U.S. 

If you are looking out for an alternative, simple and easiest way of making money then you must check out all the ways of earning by visiting the official page of the exchange.

What makes it stand out from the other crypto exchanges?

No doubt that there are several crypto exchanges established in the crypto market and it is the general tendency of humans that we look for the uniqueness of any particular platform to make a decision whether to go with the same or quit it here only.

The same is the case here with Coinbase. To reach any conclusion we usually judge one platform to the other to figure out where this one is different from the other. So, some of the highlighted attributes that ranked this exchange among the top crypto exchanges are:

Where can you secure your crypto funds?

The question is quite generous and holds distinct importance in the eyes of the investor and trader because we all invest in crypto funds to generate a handsome income from the funds that we have invested. The funds should be kept in a secure environment from where one cannot easily access your hard-earned money.

Keeping this concern of the investors in mind the company designed a Coinbase Wallet wherein traders can secure their valuable funds with the help of a password-protected system. Whenever the investor needs to work with the wallet, he has to unlock the wallet by entering the wallet password. The password is generated by the user itself at the time of creating an account with the objective of securing the crypto funds from unauthorized access.

What are the primary functions of a Coinbase wallet?

To summarize all the functions of a Coinbase wallet, we are putting them in pointers below so that you can easily check out the same. They are as mentioned below:

Winding up

Coinbase login is a way that gives investors complete authority to manage and organize their funds as per their wishes. The exchange gives users an opportunity to explore the world of decentralized finance and can opt for the best choice open to them.

In case of any query or any other concern, the users are free to contact the help desk of the exchange and seek solutions regarding their query.