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Coinbase login- The best trading platform for Individuals, Businesses, and Developers

Entering the crypto realm and doing great in it is not something that we all can do. And to do all of that, we need to have some knowledge about crypto trading. But, without having practical knowledge of things, you will not be able to understand the whole concept. However, the thing that you need to understand in the first place, is to choose an exchange that could serve the purpose and is not so difficult for a beginner. So, here, we'll be introducing you to one of the easy-to-use and highly safe crypto exchanges- Coinbase.

This crypto exchange allows users to get involved in crypto trading without having to do much. A user, when he is done creating his Coinbase login account, can have access to several trading features that too at a single place.

The trading platform also lets users have access to tutorials that could help them grow in their crypto trading pathway. So, without wasting a single minute, let's get into learning some of its traits along with the procedure to set up a crypto account and gain access to their accounts.

Features of Coinbase exchange

Coinbase features a lot of trading functions that are available on their platform. These trading functions which you will have access to are enlisted below:

  • On this exchange, you can undergo some basic trading functions such as buying, selling, and exchanging some great crypto pairs

  • The platform is highly safe and secure as you can employ two-factor authentication on your Coinbase login accounts

  • Coinbase stores a huge part of your crypto at offline storage which means you will never lose your funds even if the website gets hacked

  • Apart from this, you are also given the opportunity to trade with a lot of crypto options

  • Moreover, they offer you pricing charts and "Coinbase login Earn" through which you can have access to the pricing database to excel your trading skills

The Coinbase account creation steps

To set up a new Coinbase profile, here is the account sign up steps that you need to follow:

  1. Go to the webpage and choose "Get Started"

  2. In the "Create your account" form, enter the details in the spaces marked with asterisks

  3. Click on the country drop-down and select your current country

  4. Now, click on the box to certify if you are of a certain age and to show your agreement to Coinbase terms

  5. You will now have to complete the email and phone number verification

  6. Followed by this, provide some more personal data and then you will have to upload a document to show your proof of identity

  7. Now, your last step would be to fund your bank account and get started

Coinbase login steps to get into your account

To sign in to your account, you need to follow the steps that are listed below and make sure you apply these steps in the listed sequence:

  1. Using an internet-connected device, go to

  2. After this, click the "Sign In" button to navigate to the Coinbase login page

  3. Thereafter, enter your Coinbase sign in credentials one-by-one

  4. It's time that you make a click on the "Sign In" button

  5. Make sure you tick the "stay signed in" option (only if you are using a personal computer)

Are your funds safe on Coinbase?

If you are using Coinbase but you are not aware of how safe your funds are with Coinbase, then you must note that this exchange stores a major part of your crypto funds offline. This simply hints towards the fact that all your funds are highly safe until you yourself give someone else access to your account. In addition to this, if the Coinbase website ever gets hacked, you do not have to bear its loss as all your funds are insured.

You can also ensure the safety of your funds by making sure that you have applied two-factor authentication on your Coinbase account. So, let's learn how you can do that.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Coinbase?

You are always recommended to enable two-factor authentication so that you can make sure your accounts are more secure. To do that, follow the enlisted steps from your Coinbase login account:

  1. Begin by, signing in to your account from Coinbase' official portal

  2. Now, to enable Coinbase authenticator, you need to navigate to the "Security Center" page

  3. Navigate to the "Other Options" section

  4. Then, select the box that you will see next to the "Authenticator App"

  5. After this, follow the steps to complete the authenticator setup process

  6. The rest of the procedure would be followed after signing in to your Coinbase account


Having a Coinbase login account is not enough unless you make use of the trading tools available at their platform. Get to learn the complete tutorial about using Coinbase by going through "Coinbase Learn" which is developed by Coinbase Inc. to help users build a great crypto portfolio and make them earn great profits.