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Tracing Back The History Of Coinbase

Cybercriminals are lurking freely in the crypto market space creating a sense of terror in the minds of existing crypto traders. But, do you know you can easily get past this fear if you are preparing to enter the crypto world?

There's definitely a way out of this because we'll help you kick-start your crypto trading voyage through some highly reliable sources that have been catering to the crypto trading needs of the people for more than a decade.

Well, it's none other than a platform that not only comes into action when you need to buy or sell crypto assets but also comes with a non-custodial decentralized wallet making you the only ruler of your assets.

Coinb is one of the oldest platforms to have ever existed in the crypto world. Tracing back the history of, it came into the world in 2012. Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam are the two individuals whose curiosity to explore the crypto world and technology made them come up with the idea of developing this platform. Since then, the company has grown so much that it currently has a $114 billion asset base and made its reputation as the No. 1 crypto exchange.

What Does Offer?


Being a newbie in the field of crypto trading, we recommend you invest in cryptocurrencies only from those platforms that have a good traceable history. The only two ways through which you can operate this platform are via and the Coinbase mobile app. After creating your account on Coinbase, you can;

Popular Tradable Crypto Assets On

Though you may trade a wide selection of crypto assets on the Coinbase exchange, however, I am listing all the popular ones right here so that you can figure out that yes, it is a reliable exchange:

A Sneak Peek Into The Core Features Of Coinb comes with an exclusive set of features that may not be available on other popular exchanges. Hence, let me now familiarize you with the bunch of features that it comes with:

Comprehensive Products & Services offered by Coinbase

If you have signed up on Coinb, you don't have to navigate to any other platform to use various crypto-related services. Here is the list of services/products you'll get to use on the platform

A Quick Start Guide To Sign Up On Coinbase 

If you want to begin utilizing the set of features that are available on, signing up is a must. Here's what the entire process looks like:

Learn to set up a Coinbase wallet

It is essential to transfer your crypto assets to a safe crypto wallet right after purchasing them from an exchange like Coinbase. Therefore, we are now going to guide you on getting started with the Coinbase Wallet:

Congratulations!!! You have productively created yourself a safe crypto wallet on and you know what the best part is- you can deposit crypto assets in this wallet from any exchange, not just Coinbase.

Some Pieces Of Advice at the end

Since you have made it here, I have some special suggestions for you that will help you play strong in the crypto world and create a great portfolio:

Till Next Time, Happy And Safe Trading!!!