Let's face it: for most people, the PMBOK® is a deadly bore. Most PMBOK® courses are too. Often, these are dull, cookie-cutter slide decks saying what the book says with the primary purpose of helping the audience pass a multiple-choice test.

At Cogent Language, it's just the opposite: all of our PMBOK® offerings are project-based. Their purpose is developing project management know-how and/or products for your team that are aligned with the PMBOK®. All are lively walkthrus, workshops, or courses, from 2 to 30 hours. (And yes, they're good for test preparation too.)

PMBOK® Offerings


2 hours: 1 session


6 hrs: 1 - 2 Sessions


24 - 30 hrs: 12 - 15 Sessions

Cybernetic Systems Modeling

Soft Systems Modeling