Our Courses

Project management has no headquarters. Although more degrees and certifications are granted in it every day, it did not begin at school. Nor does its depend on universities, controlled experiment, or government money. It is something different. It is the coordinated, reflective action of people working in a wide range of fields around the world. It is a community of practice.

This community supports practitioners who wish to orchestrate groups of strangers in the building of important new things – a newsletter, a smartphone app, or an airport. It offers them and their organizations a proven approach to building such things right, the first time, despite complexity, conflict, and turbulence. Being able to do so creates value for organizations, large and small, in every economic sector. For this reason, project management has become the premier framework for collaboration among 21st century organizations.

At Cogent Language, we believe that individuals can develop this valuable practice and enhance their existing practice. We believe that they do so most effectively by trying to lead the construction of things that could really work. In today's language of agile, these are things that are "potentially shippable." On account of this, as the objective of every course in our project portfolio, we prioritize real world competency or "know-how".

As a way to achieve project know-how, we prioritize hands-on practice – personal, constructive, collaborative, and cumulative. We believe one becomes able to handle the unique challenges, concepts, methods, and tools of project management more by actually handling them, than by reading, watching video, going to presentations, passing tests, theorizing, or doing solitary work. For this reason, every course in our portfolio aims to to enhance the project know-how of participants by learning activities that produce outputs with the potential to impact organizational outcomes.