Products and Services

Our main products are the set, instructional offerings listed below. These are designed for enterprises in the private sector. Maximum class size in all of them is twelve (12) participants. Also listed are services that we can provide. Highly flexible, these are designed with and for clients on any scale, in any sector.



2 hours: 1 session


6 hrs: 1 - 2 Sessions

Case Studies

12 hrs: 3 - 4 Sessions


24 - 30 hrs: 12 - 15 Sessions


For Private Sector and Government Organizations

Consulting on Project Management, Aligned with PMBOK®

    • Development and delivery of custom training
    • PMO audit, benchmarking, advice on using PMBOK®
    • Design of instruction in leadership/soft skills for project managers
    • Introduction to agile project organization and management
    • Executive coaching, tutoring for project sponsors, program managers

For Universities, Schools, NPOs, Community Groups

Consulting, Strongly Informed by Project Based Learning (PBL)

      • Needs assessment, design of teacher training, pilot programs
      • Analysis of standards implementation, supplier performance
      • Design of content-based, shelter courses for universities
      • PBL, STEM instruction, Maker Education for international schools
      • Advice on content-/task-based learning for language schools