In Our Times

The Greeks had Archimedes; the Renaissance, da Vinci; and early modern times, Edison. We had Steve.

How did Steve Jobs get so creative? Where did all his ideas come from? Enter his world and find out! From electrical engineers, hackers, and venture capitalists to hippies and ecotopians - these inspiring mindsets made young Jobs "insanely great" at design. In our times, for better or worse, these same mindsets drive innovation globally.

Silicon Valley Design

Cogent Language now offers a series of workshops that looks into these mindsets, that is, at how Silicon Valley does design. This series, Silicon Valley Design (SVD), surveys dozens of Valley founders and entrepreneurs, their organizations, design skills, and creativities.

As a way to structure this content, each of the workshops focuses on just one mindset and its links with Jobs. Participants learn that mindset's key thinkers, problems, and language in order to gain a deeper understanding of its approaches to design. Participants then try out these approaches in mini-projects of their own. Each workshop offers six, 2-hour sessions, facilitated by an experienced coach (and boyhood neighbor of Steve).

In these playful, low-stress settings, you will be able to use Silicon Valley approaches to design in order to plan or develop whatever it is that interests you. In these workshops, with a Silicon Valley mindset, what might you create?


  • Creative professionals wishing to explore the origins and applications of design thinking
  • Entrepreneurs and project managers focused on successful innovation, technical and social
  • Teachers in Project-based Learning (PBL) or Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  • Fans of Jobs wanting to open a wide perspective on his development and multifaceted genius


Each workshop is 12 hrs (6, 2-hour meetings, typically in a 2-6 week timeframe)


  • Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different (high-quality, commercial ebook, above, for all workshops)
  • SVD Workbook (a different one, c. 20 pages, for each workshop below)

Class Size

Participant Minimum = 6; Maximum = 18