In pricing, Cogent Language aims to be both reasonable and completely clear. We see this combination as a unique selling point here in Tokyo. Set out below is the pricing of our main products and services.

Our services are highly flexible, designed with and for clients on any scale, in any sector. Our primary set products are the instructional offerings below. These are classroom courses designed for enterprises in the private sector.


Cogent Language strongly supports the expansion of project-based learning (PBL) in all of our communities. To this end, we are generally happy to provide one or more hours of free consultation (in English) for Japanese public schools, NGO's, NPO's, and community organizations, regarding the fit of PBL to their unique challenges. For organizations and people wishing to do PBL anywhere in the world, Cogent Language offers news, inspiration, and curriculum design ideas on our Pinterest® site.

Pricing for our service offerings is always negotiable. That said, prices tend to be highly dependent on the economic sector of the client, and to vary, of course, with the nature of the work and length of engagement. Pure consulting, for example, will tend to be priced lower than engagements that include the design of work products, and/or scheduled, customized services, such as pilot programs. Long-term engagements will be priced lower.

Below, pro forma fees for one (1) hour of service are set out, assuming pure consulting in a short engagement. (We are happy to discuss firm fixed price contracting as well, when the scope of work is well-defined.)


    • Public Schools/NGO/NPO/Local Organizations Free - ¥5,000

    • Privately Owned Schools/Government Agencies ¥10,000

    • Private Sector Organizations ¥20,000


“Dan greatly propelled a key project when he provided consulting to my team on building a collaborative High Performance Organization .... In particular he introduced new (to us) thinking on Communities of Practice and Organizational Learning in combination with performance management that recognizes what he framed for us as Account-building Communicative Tasks (ACTs).”

Torsten Kanisch,

Innovation, Quality, Productivity Champion, Novartis Pharma K.K. August, 2008



2 hours: 1 session


6 hrs: 1 - 2 Sessions

Case Studies

12 hrs: 3 - 4 Sessions


23 - 30 hrs: 12 - 15 Sessions

Set Cost


Set Cost


Set Cost


Set Cost

¥460 - 600,000

Variable Costs

eWorkbook: ¥0/participant

Variable Costs

Workbook: ¥2,500/participant

Variable Costs

Workbook + 3rd Party Case Study: ¥3,000

Variable Costs

Workbook (if applicable): ¥3,000/participant