UPD-COE College Secretary's Office Appeal for Readmission or Extension of MRR


Google Forms are now CLOSED. Re-admission appeals have to be lodged manually at the College Secretary's Office / NGSE. Deadline is Monday 7 January 2019. Read instructions below on how to lodge an appeal.


Two online Google forms are available. Submit your readmission appeal using ONE of the forms only.

The Google forms listed above are for undergraduate students. Graduate students, use these forms instead: https://goo.gl/x5NJz6 (requires @up.edu.ph login, with file upload allowed) OR https://goo.gl/nfX5AS (no file upload)

Deadlines for Readmission effective SECOND SEMESTER AY 2018-2019

  • Deadline for lodging of appeals online: FRI 4 JANUARY 2019 at 4:00 PM . After this, online form will close and all applications have to be lodged at MH204.
  • Deadline for lodging readmission appeals at MH204: up to MONDAY 7 JANUARY 2019 at 5:00 PM
  • Appeals submitted between JAN 8-10 have to be endorsed by the department first in order for the College Sec Office to accept the appeal for re-admission, subject to normal processing and evaluation by the department.
  • Re-admission appeals lodged starting 11 JAN 2019, first day of classes, is effective by default Midyear 2019 already (ineligible for Second Sem ’18 - ‘19).
  • Instructions and readmission forms for printing may be accessed at http://coe.upd.edu.ph/pdf-forms/ => click "Revised Yellow Readmission Form"

Who Should Use These Online Forms?

  • This form is for undergraduate students appealing for re-admission and/or extension of MRR/Non-Major in the College of Engineering. Graduate students, you need to use the NGSE form instead at https://goo.gl/x5NJz6 (requires @up.edu.ph login, with file upload allowed) OR https://goo.gl/nfX5AS (no file upload)
  • This form should NOT be used by students returning from Leave of Absence (LOA). In such case, go to MH204 and fill-up the "Return from LOA" form, also available at http://our.upd.edu.ph/forms/Return%20from%20LOA.pdf
  • Application for Readmission under NON-MAJOR status:

- If you are applying for readmission under the non-major status but are NOT permanently disqualified (PDQ, zero passing) you do NOT need to apply for re-admission anymore. In such case, do NOT use this form and instead go directly to MH204 and request for "Transfer to Non-major" status. Form is also available at http://coe.upd.edu.ph/pdf-forms/

- If you are applying for non-major but have been permanently disqualified (PDQ, zero passing), you are still required to go through the re-admission process first (eg use this form), approval of which is subject to College Sec, ADSA and Dean.


1. Fill-up the form. You will need to write a "Letter of Appeal" which you may copy-paste into the form as part of the requirement for your appeal. We DO read these letters and take into account if you have a justifiable reason for your scholastic delinquency when we make a decision on your appeal.

2. Additional requirements for students applying to any of the DMMME programs (need to submit using the file upload form):

• Letter of Consent from parent/guardian

• Two recommendation letters from former teachers/Instructors

• Career Assessment result (for repeated offense-readmitted only) from office of Guidance & Counselling

3. Submit the form, a copy of which will be sent to your email account.

4. Fill-up the OCG referral form available on the LAST page of "Revised Yellow Readmission form" at http://coe.upd.edu.ph/pdf-forms/ and present this to the OCG for counselling and guidance. Make sure to keep the certificate issued by the OCG after your consultation, and bring this when claiming your re-admission result at the College Sec office. You will NOT be able to claim your appeal results nor proceed to registration WITHOUT this certificate from the OCG.

5. Submissions made online are scheduled for batch-processing on the afternoon when the form will close (at the latest). Processing of appeals normally take at least 2 working days. Make sure to check your email account regularly as the office may get in touch with you regarding your appeal. We may also get in touch with you by SMS using the contact number you provide.