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Hello, my name is Victor "Coach" Hicks" and I am the founder of the Coding with Culture brand. I have six years experience teaching Computer Science and Technology and over 20 years experience teaching and coaching in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois and current residence, Atlanta, Georgia!

I am passionate about closing the digital divide among students of color, more specifically, Black Students. I enjoy using my talents to provide culturally relevant computer science experiences for students in grades K-12 along with professional development and consultation services for K-12 educators.

I am a proud product of two HBCUs: Fisk University and Clark Atlanta University. My experiences at these illustrious institutions inspired me to make it a priority to include the cultural relevance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in my pedagogy across grade levels and content areas.

Focus Is Essential,

Coach Hicks

Recent Awards

Recent Trainings


Speaking Engagements

  • Ron Clark Academy "Amplify Black Voices" webcast: Featured Guest (2020)

  • Flipgrid "Ask Yaritza" Webinar: Featured Guest (2020)

  • Inclusive STEAM & CS Summit: Presenter (2020)

  • Careacter Strong Podcast: Featured Guest (2020)

  • MN Codes: Computer Science Summit: Presenter (2020)

  • Georgia Tech Consellations Virtual Summit: Co-Presenter with Tynker(2020)

  • Code. Org Computer Science Fundamentals Facilitator

Presenting at ISTE Chicago! Surreal!!!

  • Coding with Culture CS Camps (K-8):

Sign your child up for a HBCU themed computer coding experience! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON OUR CLASSES!

  • Culturally Responsive CS in all Classrooms Professional Development:

Gain some practical strategies and techniques to bring culturally-responsive computational thinking experiences to any classroom!

  • Computer Science Fundamentals Workshop

Training on the Computer Science Fundamentals curriculum for students in grades K-5. Whether you are teaching computer science full time or looking to incorporate computer science into your classroom routine, this workshop is for you!

  • Step Choreography and Consultation/History of Step Workshops

(In-Person or Virtual Workshops for Teams or Classrooms)

Receive championship winning step choreography and consultation to bring your performance to the next level! Workshops covering the history and basics of stepping are also available! All experiences tie in the importance of HBCUs to the art form. Make an appointment here to schedule a consultation meeting about your project!

  • Google Applied Digital Skills Professional Development Sessions

During the 90 min training, we will do a deep dive into the content and pedagogy behind Applied Digital Skills, then plan how implementation might look at our particular schools or sites. We hope that Applied Digital Skills will help to spark your students’ creativity and teach foundational computer science concepts in your classroom.

Consult with Coach

Whether it's a professional development for you and your staff or a culturally enriched lesson on HBCUs with your classroom, I would love to help you bring your projects or events to the next level!

I am a K-8 educator so I understand the importance of relevant, concise and fun presentations! Make an appointment and let's chat about your project!