BETA: Brews and Bots

Thursday August 17, 6:00 - 9:30

Utepils Brewing


Brews and Bots is an event designed to develop teacher training by working with teachers in a fun and relaxed environment. Working together, we will build and code a pro-type robot.

Learning is fun! We look forward to working together to help increase access to engineering and problem solving for all kids.

Resource Kit - Come Prepared!

Arduino IDE - Download and install Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) This is the platform for teaching CodeKitty what to do.

CodeKitty Function Reference - This live Google Doc is a reference sheet for the particular functions that will be used to make CodeKitty come alive.

Feedback Document - Feel free to click the link and request access before the event. We will work together to capture notes and ideas for future events.

Join the Discussion

This is a community based project. We believe that the wisdom of dedicated and creative people will help to develop the very best training and service so that all children have access to coding, robotics and engineering.