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Who doesn’t want to destroy their friends? All you need to crush their dreams and drive them weeping before you -- or at least beat them at a word game -- is the WordFinder™ Words With Friends Cheat® cheat tool.

WordFinder™ isn’t just a word search. It’s a total WWF cheat solution. All you need to do is type in your letter tiles and hit the search button. The Words With Friends Cheat® cheat tool provides a full list of playable, legal words from those letters, straight from the Words With Friends Cheat® game. Every set of search results comes sorted by length and with point values included. Just check your list, look at your board, and pick your favorite.

Whether you’re just looking for a little help with a tricky set of tiles, or need a complete Words With Friends Cheat® word generator that will win you every game, WordFinder™ has you covered. Go forth and win.

Words With Friends Cheat Instructions

It’s a close game with your fiercest rival and you need all the Words With Friends Cheat® help you can get. What are the best words you can make with these letters. Especially if your opponent is doing it too, it is definitely in your best interest to use our Words With Friends Cheat® word finder. That’s how you’ll unscramble your letters and unearth the high scoring word for the win!

Let’s break it down with some simple instructions.

Enter Your Letters

The first step in using our Words With Friends Cheat® helper is obvious enough. You see that “ENTER LETTERS” search bar? Care to venture a guess as to what you’re supposed to do there?

You can enter up to 20 letters here, including up to three wildcards. Put in those wildcards either as question marks (?) or as spaces. The tool will automatically convert a space into a question mark. Convenient, right?

Use the Advanced Search

Look just beneath that main search bar where you enter your letters. The four boxes are there to help you find words that start with a certain letter, contain a certain letter, end in a certain letter, or have a certain number of characters. But wait. There’s more. You can actually enter several letters into any of these fields (except for length, of course) and use these fields in any combination that you’d like.

So, you might look for words that start with AN, contain an S, end in ING, and are 9 letters long, all bundled up with the letters you put into the main search. (This results in ANALYSING, ANODISING, and ANSWERING, in case you were curious.) Make that search work for you in as simple or as complex a combination that you want!

Sort Your Results

After you type in your letters, enter your advanced search parameters and hit that search button, you’ll be shown the bounty of your efforts. Well, it’s the bounty of your letters coupled with the power of our awesome Words With Friends Cheat® cheat!

By default, results are grouped together by word length. So, all the 10-letter words are together, all the 9-letter words are together, and so on. Within each of these groupings, the words are listed in alphabetical order. And next to each word, you can choose to click on “def” to get the word’s definition, as well as options to save your word, flag an invalid word, see your saved words, and see related words.

If you prefer, you can also sort all results by total points instead of word length. Just peep the options along the left. There’s also a filter for adding in the 35 bonus points for playing all seven of your letter tiles in Words With Friends Cheat®.

Play Your Cheat Words With Friends Cheat

Last but certainly not least, you’ve got your payoff. This is why you’re using the best Words With Friends Cheat® cheat app in the first place, right?

After sifting through the search results, and maybe playing around with different placements on the Words With Friends Cheat® board, it’s time to lay down some tiles and rack up some points. Choose your word, put down your letters, and bask in the glory of a word well played.

How to Play Words With Friends Cheat

If you’ve ever played Scrabble®, then you’ll feel right at home playing Words With Friends Cheat®. It’s basically the same game, except they’ve changed the board layout and the word list is a little different.

Where to Play Words With Friends Cheat

You have a few different options if you want to play Words With Friends Cheat® online. The most common way to play this popular word game is on your mobile device of choice.

These days, that means you’re playing on an Android smartphone, Android tablet, Apple iPhone or Apple iPad. Since you can get it via the App Store for iOS devices, it’ll also work on the iPod touch. Beyond that, you can play Words With Friends Cheat® on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, Nook tablet, or Windows Phone.

The other way to enjoy WWF online is to play Words With Friends Cheat® on Facebook. That’s the easiest way to play Words With Friends® on a computer. If you’ve got a Google Chromebook, chances are that you can install the Android app via the Google Play Store too.

Unscramble Letters, Play Words

The standard Words With Friends Cheat® game board is the same size as the Scrabble® board. The standard grid is 15 squares by 15 squares, adding up to 225 squares in total. Some additional game modes, like the Solo Challenge, use a smaller 11 x 11 game board (121 squares) for a tighter, faster-paced game.

Then, you’ve got a bunch of letter tiles. Words With Friends Cheat® letter tiles are very similar to Scrabble® letter tiles, except their point values differ. The distribution of letters also differs. Players take turns placing tiles on the board, forming words, and racking up points. You get to have up to 7 letter tiles on your “rack” at any given time.

Each time you form a word, it must connect with the letters already on the board. You can only play one word -- either horizontally or vertically -- but if you create additional words by playing that one word, you also get those points too. Every word you form must be valid.

Win With a Words With Friends Cheat Word Finder

So, you’ve got a bunch of letters and the best you can come up with is “AT” for a grand total of 2 points. You can do better. Indeed, you must do better.

When you want some help with Words With Friends Cheat®, you can turn to us, your friends with words. Use our handy-dandy Words With Friends Cheat® cheat to look for words with your letters. Find the best words for the most points and lay them down for the win. That’s the biggest and most obvious benefit of using a Words With Friends Cheat® cheat.

Take Advantage of Bonus Squares

If you just go around playing any word in any which way, you’re probably not going to win. A big part of learning how to win every game of Words With Friends Cheat® is taking advantage of the bonus squares! After you’ve used our WWF word finder, look to see what word you can play to cash in on these bonus spaces.

  • DL stands for Double Letter. It doubles the point value of the letter played on that square.

  • TL stands for Triple Letter. It triples the point value of the letter played on that square.

  • DW stands for Double Word. It doubles the point value of the entire word.

  • TW stands for Triple Word. It triples the point value of the entire word.

Yes, these are the same bonus squares as you find in Scrabble®, except they’re arranged in different spots on the board. This can affect some of your strategic choices for what words to play and where.

Better still, you can stack these bonuses on top of one another. If you’re able to stretch a word across two DW squares -- there are four places on the board where this is possible -- you get to double your double word score. That’s four times your word score!

Power-Ups and Other Options

One more thing. Actually, a few more things. If you’re having trouble finding a good word to play, you can always swap letters. This costs you a turn, but may open up better opportunities for your next turn. Just hit the “Swap” button near the bottom.

For a fresh perspective, hit the “Shuffle” button to move your letters around. You can also choose to “Pass” your turn or use one of the four power-ups near the top of the screen.

  • Hindsight shows you the best possible word you could have played in your previous turn.

  • Word Radar highlights where you can play a word on the game board.

  • Swap+ lets you swap tiles without losing your turn.

  • Word Clue highlights one place on the board where you can play a word, along with which letter tiles you can use to form a word there.

You do have a limited number of power-ups, so use them wisely.

Level Up With Our Word Finder

There are two main ways that you can get better at Words With Friends Cheat®. One of them is to play a lot of games over a long period of time. Like so many other skills, hobbies, games and endeavors in life, the more experience you have and the more practice you have, chances are the better you’ll get. It helps to play against increasingly challenging opponents too.

But, here’s a little secret. Another awesome way to get really good at Words With Friends Cheat® is to use our word finder. This will put you on the fast track to success, because you’ll be able to find the best words for the most points in just a few quick clicks.

Nothing beats practice and experience, but our word helper moves that process along far more quickly than if you tried to muddle through your existing vocabulary. Level up your game by learning new words, many words that you may not use in everyday life, and unscramble letters like a pro.

Scoring Points in Words With Friends Cheat

Did you know that the highest scoring word in Words With Friends Cheat® is the same as it is in Scrabble®? Well, sort of. You could lay down OXYPHENBUTAZONE for a theoretical 1,674 points... except it’s not really feasible to play that word in the game. Not really. Some of the better documented high score plays include BADMOUTH for 191 points and BLAZONER for 167 points.

Surely, using our handy unscrambler would help in finding such high-scoring words. On average, you can expect to get between 300 and 500 points in a game. Another goal to keep in mind is to work toward averaging at least 30 points per turn. That includes any bonus points or additional words you play in a single turn.

Play Single-Player Words With Friends Cheat

Does this completely ignore the whole “with friends” part of Words With Friends Cheat®? Maybe, but you can still brush up on those word game skills by enjoying some single-player action too. Words With Friends Cheat® provides two main options for singles play.

The first option is something that they call the Solo Challenge. You face off against themed opponents -- characters inspired by literary greats, for example -- on a smaller 11 x 11 game board. It’s a “challenge” because they increase in difficulty and you can unlock game content as you defeat them.

If your WWF Solo Challenge gets stuck, we’ve got a guide for getting you unstuck too.

Single-Player Practice Mode

If you want a different way to practice your Words With Friends Cheat® game, there’s also the suitably-named practice mode. It’s a bit hidden, so here are the steps to find it.

  1. From the WWF main screen, tap on the + symbol button to start a new game.

  2. Select “Create Game” from the provided menu.

  3. Choose “Practice Mode” to “practice offline and sharpen your skills.”

This is how you can play WWF offline against an unnamed computer opponent. The Practice Mode opponent makes a move every two minutes. Unlike the Solo Challenge, you get the full 15 x 15 game board in this mode.

Why Play Words With Friends Cheat?

There are many reasons to play Words With Friends Cheat®, some practical and some less practical. In fact, we wrote a whole article with why you should play WWF. While it can be difficult to arrange for an in-person game of Scrabble®, you’ve always got a game at your fingertips with WWF on Facebook or on your smartphone.

The game also taps into your strategic thinking and critical problem solving skills. Using a word cheat to find the best words to play is one aspect; figuring out how best to play them is another part. All the while, you’re building up your word knowledge and this expanded vocabulary is awesome for school, work, and for shutting down the trolls on social media too!

Words With Friends vs. Scrabble Cheat

Depending on your perspective, this is another reason why you should play Words With Friends Cheat®. It allows for more creative play. The bigger dictionary means you’ve got more tools in your toolbox. Play on!

Get Social, Have Fun

Did you know that Words With Friends Cheat® has a built-in chat function? And you can easily connect your Facebook account to your Zynga Words With Friends® profile so that you can match up with your Facebook friends too!

Just as “games night” can be a regular thing with your best chums, Words With Friends Cheat® on your phone, tablet or computer can be a 24/7 thing. It’s a social endeavor with a good dose of healthy competition (and gloating rights for the winner). Not only will you have fun and network with friends and other players, but you just may learn a few things along the way too.

Fun Facts About Words With Friends Cheat

As one of the world’s most popular word games and mobile apps, Words With Friends Cheat® understandably gets a lot of attention and love. Here are some fun facts about the game that just might surprise you.

Started With Newtoy in 2009

The original game was developed by Newtoy, Inc. in 2009. The video game developer was founded only the year before by Paul Bettner, David Bettner and Michael Chow. Words With Friends Cheat® got its start via the Apple App Store, launching only for the iPhone and the iPod touch. It was an instant sensation. Words With Friends Cheat® expanded to Android in 2012.

Zynga Acquired Newtoy for $53.3 Million

The hype was real in 2009. It was so real, in fact, that just a little over a year later in November 2010, Zynga went ahead and scooped up Newtoy, Inc. for a cool $53.3 million, plus an undisclosed amount of company stock. The next month, in December 2010, Newtoy became Zynga with Friends, operating as a subsidiary of Zynga.

Other “With Friends” Games

Words With Friends Cheat® wasn’t the first game that Newtoy developed. The company’s first game was Chess with Friends, published in November 2008 for the iPhone and iPod touch. It took the classic game of chess and allowed for asynchronous play, just like how Words With Friends Cheat® offers an asynchronous take on Scrabble®.

Beyond Chess with Friends® (2008) and Words With Friends Cheat® (2009), the company also developed and published:

  • Hanging With Friends® (2011)

  • Scramble With Friends® (2012, later renamed Word Streak With Friends®)

  • Matching With Friends® (2012)

  • Gems With Friends® (2012)

  • Running With Friends® (2013, later renamed Stampede Run®)

They also published We Rule (2010), a simulation RPG that doesn’t share the same “with friends” naming scheme as their other titles.

Words With Friends Cheat Board Game Collaboration

It’s funny how things can come full circle. First, there was the traditional Scrabble® board game with an actual physical board and wooden letter tiles. This inspired the Words With Friends Cheat® mobile app, a digital take on the original. Then, Hasbro and Zynga partnered up to create a physical Words With Friends Cheat® board game in 2012.

In other words, the offline went online, only to be transformed into an offline version. Choice is good!

Millions of Words With Friends Players

At this point, we all know that Words With Friends Cheat® is pretty popular. Maybe you’ve been playing since day one. Or perhaps you’ve only picked up the game recently. Whatever the case, you’re in good company.

According to some reports, Words With Friends Cheat® was downloaded more than 60 million times in its first two years. That number ballooned to more than 218 million total users as of 2019! Today, an estimated 13 million monthly active users play Words With Friends Cheat® regularly.

A Huge Words With Friends Game

Did you know that the Words With Friends Cheat® game contains over 173,000 words? The official WWF word list is based on the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE). However, Zynga has added several words -- like QI and ZEN -- to create its own custom Words With Friends game. Use our word cheat to find words to play in your game!

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