About Us

Stephen & Maureen Clayton: Co-Owners

The idea for Coastal Cycle Share came while spending the weekend in Danville, VA, in February 2022 and enjoying their bike share program while riding their Riverwalk Greenway. We realized this would be a great addition to New Bern. We talked about it over some beers at Ballad Brewing and reached out to some vendors and found one and within a few weeks began conversations with the vendor to see what we needed to do. We also began the process of talking with city staff to make sure the city did not have issues with it. We also began talking to downtown organizations to get their thoughts and we had nothing but great feedback as well as we began talking to downtown businesses to see who would be interested in having the bike share program at their establishment. Shout out to Brandon and Tia Shaver at Freshwater Beer Company for being our first business willing to partner with us and they've been one of our biggest supporters since Day 1.

In addition, we also own Coastal Concierge Service as well and have 2 boys that keep us busy.

If that is not enough, Stephen is also a high school football and girl's lacrosse official and NCAA football official.