COA an optometric community that's passionate about improving patient care, public awareness, and the professional standing of optometry.

COA is more than 2,600 doctors of optometry from across the state, practicing in all different types of settings. COA is over 1,200 students of optometry studying across the country that plan to practice in California.

COA is those that treat glaucoma and diabetes. COA is doctors specializing in low vision and rehabilitative care, specialty lenses, and dry eye management.

COA is part-time ODs, practice owners, educators, and VA doctors... COA is corporate ODs, doctors who work in managed care, and those who work in ophthalmology groups.

COA is the only organization dedicated to protecting and promoting our profession.

COA is you ...are you in?

COA is all in on improving access to eye healthcare throughout California.

This is your opportunity to give voice, create change, achieve goals and ensure the future.

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COA is your community, no matter where or how you practice. COA is made up of optometry’s best and brightest in the state! As the largest state affiliate to the AOA, we are dedicated to making optometry a stronger, better, and more visible profession in California.

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COA is a wealth of knowledge! We've done the research, COA is your expert to lean and depend on for the most up-to-date information.

Members also receive FREE CE - 12 hours annoully through CE X COA - plus "almost-free" registration to attend COA's virtual and in-person conferences like Optowest and Monterey Symposium.

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COA is your resource! Members have instant access to experts, innovative tools, and optometric-specific programs and services. Time is money. Utilizing COA’s wealth of resources affords you more time where it means the most – with your patients.

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