Legislative Day

June 13-21

virtual program

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Sunday, June 13 - Opening Program

4:00 PM - Introduction and discussion of legislative issues

4:40 PM - Mock legislative meetings

5:10 PM - Logistics and Q&A

5:30 PM - Society strategy breakout groups

5:50 PM - Closing remarks

June 14 - 18 - Appointments

Know before you go:

  1. COA is scheduling virtual meetings with the legislator on your behalf.

  2. RSVP to meetings and let us know which ones you can attend.

Monday, June 21 - Reception

5:30 PM - Opening Remarks

5:35 PM - Legislator of the Year Award

5:40 PM - Keyperson of the Year Award

5:45 PM - Meeting Debriefings

6:25 PM - Wrap up and Announcements

Watch this video to hear COA President, Dr. Ida Chung, highlight recent COA advocacy wins!

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