How can my school counselor help me academically?

• Create individual four-year planning by appointment.

• Registration and scheduling of classes.

• Academic counseling for course selection, improving grades and general academic success strategies.

• Credit recovery, preparing for and applying to college, and referrals to alternative education programs.

• Presentations are made to seniors regarding college applications, testing for college entrance, financial aid, and scholarships.

• Presentations are made to junior students regarding post-secondary education options and testing for college admittance.

• Presentations are made to sophomores regarding college planning, high school graduation requirements, and career planning.

• Presentations are made to freshmen to introduce them to available campus resources, high school graduation requirements and college admission requirements.

• Counselors act as a liaison for students and parents to teachers.

• NCAA Clearinghouse information for athletes.

• Local scholarship bulletin and websites for national scholarship searches.

• Liaison to Career Technical Education ​(CTE formerly ROP).

Meetings with English Language Learners to discuss the redesignation process and support a successful academic experience.

• Transcript review for completion of high school requirements and admission to the University of California, California State University, Riverside Community College, trade schools and the military.

• Post-secondary educational counseling.

• Assist students with college applications.

• Parent and teacher conferences.