We don't sell Accounting Software,

we provide SOLUTIONS

What is Q+?

Q+ is a packaged solutions (based on cloud-based Accounting Software with multiple add-on) to empower SMEs by providing real time access to information.

Tedious data entry will be eliminated or significantly reduced with LATEST technology as simple as Take A Photo.

Q+ is solutions for SMEs problems like

  • Manager or boss can not access information when account staff left office.
  • Need to hire full-time accounting staff yet not sure if he or she can deliver or even may mess up your books
  • No budget for experienced Accountant but best to have one
  • Yearly maintenance for accounting software
  • Outsourced to freelancer but he or she comes in once a week or month to access my books.

Q+ SOLVED all these problems:-

Q+ is more than just a normal Cloud Accounting , it is a solution for your business.

  1. Can you access to your account book when office is closed or staff away from office ?
  2. Can you have multiple user access Anytime Anywhere with Any-Devices ?
    • Boss or manager do not need account staff to generate reports during office hour
  3. Can you ensure you always updated always do backup ?
    • Don't have to worry about expensive Server or backup failure
    • Don't have to pay yearly maintenance fee
    • Don't have to manually upgrade from time to time
  4. Do you have on call outsourced accounting personnel to support anytime ?
  5. Can you stay connected with your BizAccountant anytime, no need to wait for him or her travel to your office?
  6. Do you have a World Class security for data and system?
    • Q+ offer a better than what most SMEs can afford themselves.

Q+ Pricing

From RM168 (reduced from RM199) per month only and you will get 5S

  • Software
  • System
  • Solutions
  • Service
  • Support from Intuit

What do we do?

We are a team of Chartered Accountant and experienced accounting professionals. We don't just do bookkeeping and accounting, we aim to be your BizAccountant (short for Business Accountant).