Clayton Huey Elementary School

Welcome to Clayton Huey Elementary School!

We at Clayton Huey are so proud of our students and their accomplishments. We would like to thank our parents and community members for supporting us as we work diligently to ensure that our students get the best educational experience possible. We hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the wonderful work our kids are doing every day! Don't forget to view our time capsule section on the tab above for pictures of events from previous months.

Congratulations to Carolyn Ommundsen on winning the 2019 Spelling Bee at Clayton Huey Elementary School! Carolyn outlasted runner up Nico Libretti by correctly spelling the word, "abacus". Our 4th and 5th grade students battled hard and made us all very proud of their effort during the competition. What a wonderful day to witness the competitive spirit of our students and their willingness to challenge themselves mentally.

Clayton and Huey, our new tortoises, brought some excitement to Mrs. Worontsoff's classroom lately with their most recent visitation. Mrs. Worontsoff's class worked hard to collect Box Tops for Education. Their class collected more box tops than any other class in Clayton Huey and was able to house our tortoises for one full week. During their stay, the kids had tortoise races, and focused on mathematical measurements to determine the speed at which the tortoises could walk and grow.

It truly is an amazing place to learn when not a day goes by that students aren't engaged in every classroom at Clayton Huey! Thank you to Mrs. Worontsoff, Ms. Huey, Mrs. Kingston, and Mrs. Baio for allowing us time to pop in to some classrooms today to see all of the great learning going on. HAPPY FRIDAY :)

Over the past few years, our fourth grade students have engaged in a series of in-school field trips to teach them information about live oceanic animals. Here of some shots of our first date in our new Science Lab!