Welcome to the North Mecklenburg High School Virtual Learning Page. We will continuously post information here for our students and familes to keep everyone updated on how we plan to provide digital instruction to all of our students.


We want to make sure that our North Meck family is aware of where each teacher's content will be located and how each teacher plans to deliver instruction since each teacher utilizes different tools inside their classroom. Please visit our Faculty & Staff page on the North Mecklenburg website. Next to each teacher's name is a GLOBE. This globe is a link to either the teacher's website, Canvas page or just a document explaining how the teacher plans to provide instruction. Next to each teacher's globe is an envelope. This envelope is a link to email that specific teacher.

Our hope is that our students and parents will utilize this to help us continue the education process with all of our students. If you have any questions regarding this please contact North Mecklenburg High School.