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Quick Facts

South Meck WLM program is the largest World Languages Magnet in North Carolina. WLM consists of:

  • 970 students enrolled

  • 22 certified teachers

  • 6 languages (ASL, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish)

World Language Academy Overview

In 2009, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District established a World Language magnet program at South Mecklenburg High School.

There are currently 848 students enrolled in the World Language Academy at South Mecklenburg High School representing approximately 20% of the school's total enrollment.

The World Language Academy at South Mecklenburg High School offers study in French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and American Sign Language.

World Language Academy Faculty

There are 21 faculty members specially certified and highly qualified to teach in the South Mecklenburg High School World Language Academy.

World Language Academy Course of Study

The World Language Academy at South Mecklenburg High School is open to any student with a strong interest in world language study as long as the student meets specific district academic requirements.

At the high school level, magnet students are integrated into the comprehensive high school experience by taking companion classes in 9th, l0th, 11th. and 12th grades complimenting the accelerated course of study in honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes in the target language. Upon graduation, many former immersion students, who have completed the World Language Academy course of study will have had an average of 12 years of Language study.

Students with a more limited background in a language, or who are beginning a new language, have the opportunity to advance to, and sometimes exceed, the AP level in most language tracks while completing a seven-course sequence of study. In addition, the pursuit of dual languages taken concurrently, and inclusion of virtual coursework, may also qualify a student for satisfactory completion of the seven-course requirement.

World Language Academy Graduation Requirements

All students must meet the general district graduation requirements. In addition, to successfully graduate from the World Language Academy, a student is required to take seven (7) high school elective courses in the target language and/or other magnet-approved courses. It is expected that students will complete a primary language through at least the first AP course in the sequence, typically Level V.

World Language Academy Extracurriculars

World Language extracurricular opportunities are open to all South Mecklenburg students. World Language Academy students are particularly sought out due to those students' strong interest in international cultures and global issues and their advanced language skills.

Opportunities to study abroad are made available to all South Mecklenburg students. Language Academy high school students also have an opportunity to participate in a tutoring and mentoring program for K-8 language academy students within the district.

Contact Information

World Language Academy Magnet Coordinator Sandra Meyer

World Language Academy Administrative Contact