Make Up Senior Portraits


LifeTouch (Prestige) Contact Information:

For questions regarding package pricing or website questions- please contact Lifetouch directly!

Lifetouch's contact information: Phone: 704-628-4600

Thank you

LifeTouch Customer Service number for POST-picture issues and questions: (866) 896-7174

Cap and Gown Retakes


When: Monday, Feb 17th

Where: Moved to the BACK of the Auditorium- please use the main doors opposite the parking lot.

**Sign Up Is CLOSED**

Confirmation will be sent out the week of the 10th- if confirmation is not received by Friday, Feb 14th, you will be removed from the appointment list.

Thank you for being responsible.

If you cannot attend this photo session, please contact LifeTouch directly to have photos taken at their studio. There will not be any more photo sessions offered at South Meck this school year.

Cap and Gown pictures are for personal use only and will not appear in the yearbook.

**Additional information**- In accordance with other high schools in CMS, senior quotes will no longer be included in the yearbook starting this year. Thank you for understanding.


Q: Why are pictures scheduled this week in June?

A: Even though students finish finals by the 7th, teachers are still working the week of the 10th. The first week of summer vacation is actually the week of the 17th (also after the graduation ceremony).

Q; What pictures can I take?

  • Formal Yearbook portrait- Men will wear tuxedo tops (provided for them), and Women will wear drapes that will be provided as well.
  • Cap and Gown portraits (cap and gown provided)
  • Indoor casual (personality)- ONE (1) outfit of your own choosing
  • Environmental (casual-outdoors)- ONE (1) outfit of your own choosing

Q: What picture goes in the yearbook?

A: The only picture we put in the yearbook is the tux/drape photo with a BLUE background. Other pictures are not permitted to keep things uniform and traditional.

Q: How long are photo sessions?

A: That depends on how many pictures you plan on taking. If you are coming to do all four options, and you're changing your clothes twice, prepare to be here anywhere between 2-4hrs (also depends on volume). If you are just taking your yearbook portrait and your cap/gown photo, we can try and have you out quickly, but typically one hour max (again, depends on volume).

Q: What if I can't make it during the summer session?

A: If you cannot make it during this week in June, please contact LifeTouch to schedule your portraits with them on your own. This will allow you the opportunity to take all photo options on your own time and still have them done prior to the school year. Pictures are NOT guaranteed during the school year. We will have portrait retakes (again, the standard tux/drape yearbook photo) scheduled towards the end of September but we do NOT do retakes for personality photos on campus. Additionally, for a school this size (600+ students per class), we cannot guarantee that you will be seen if you wait for September and then you will have to schedule the pictures with LifeTouch on your own anyway. Save time- call LifeTouch and take them over the summer! All senior portraits must be taken by the end of October to ensure being in the yearbook. Contact LifeTouch directly at (704) 628-4600.

Q: How much are picture packages?

A: Great question, however, Yearbook advisors aren't the ones charging you. You pay the photography company for your pictures; Yearbook just uses those pictures to place them in our annual. For questions pertaining to picture packages, details on pictures, proofs, sitting fees, website questions or issues, or general picture inquiries, contact LifeTouch directly at (704) 628-4600. The yearbook staff does not handle that information.


The Somecka Yearbook is created on campus by the students in Ms. Aglialoro’s yearbook class and club. All parts of the book are created by students ranging from 9th-12th grade. We work with Josten’s Publication Company to create a 276-page publication that memorializes the current school year.

Please remember- these students work as hard as possible to create a professional publication and, even though errors do occur, they do their best with the time, training, and resources that they have within their class.

Portrait Information To Know:

LifeTouch is the photography company that South Meck High has partnered with to take all school portraits and sporting event pictures. Members of the Somecka Yearbook as well as Ms. Aglialoro do NOT work for the photography company. We are a liaison to connect the community with LifeTouch if they cannot reach them directly.

Please be aware that ALL PICTURE QUESTIONS concerning packages, website issues, and proofs should be directed to LifeTouch as the yearbook is not responsible for these matters. To contact LifeTouch directly, please call (704) 628-4600.