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Service As Action

Welcome to the Service As Action webpage for Randolph IB Middle School!

Through this website, Randolph hopes to support its International Baccalaureate students with access to a variety of events in our community to support the people of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Students can also find access to the digital submission of Service As Action Activities, digital files available for download in order to secure supervisor signature, and contact information for Randolph's Magnet Coordinator, Mrs. Graboyes.

Randolph is looking forward to seeing all that our Raiders accomplish during the 2018-2019 school year for our community!

All Service activities are due by may 1st, 2019

First Service Activity was DUE: Friday, December 14th!

Students who did not complete their Service Activity submission should speak with their homeroom teacher regarding grade level activities, field trip, and participation in additional activities in order to determine eligibility.

See directions and Google form below!

Do not forget- Students MUST be logged into their CMS Google Account in order to complete the reflection.

ATTENTION 8th Grade IB Students- The 2018-2019 Community Project is underway. Below are the dates for all Community Project Meetings scheduled from 9:25-10:10.

(Students will attend all classes on an abbreviated schedule following IB meetings.)

1st Meeting- January 11th

2nd Meeting- January 17th

3rd Meeting- January 30th

4th Meeting- February 7th

5th Meeting- February 28th

6th Meeting and Community Project Showcase Day- March 13th

Service As Action Requirements

6th Grade

  • Minimum of 2 Activities
  • Minimum of 3 Learning Outcomes

7th Grade

  • Minimum of 2 Activities
  • Minimum of 4 Learning Outcomes

8th Grade

  • Minimum of 3 Activities
    • Including the 8th Grade Community Project
  • Minimum of 5 Learning Outcomes

What is a Service As Action “activity”?

A Service As Action (SA) activity is anything that benefits other people or groups and for which you do not receive payment or a grade. The activity can be something you do through your school (such as tutoring or campus beautification) or can be something completely separate from your school (such as working with Crisis Assistance Ministry or participating in a neighborhood cleanup).

Service As Action Restrictions

Since the goal of Service As Action is to create a well-rounded student, there are a few restrictions on the activities which you can count for SA:

● You may only count one sport per year (whether that sport is in school or outside of school)

● You may only count one school club per year.

● You may count activities through your place of worship, but you may not count activities that involve teaching your religion or evangelizing others about your religion. (For example, a service project with your church’s youth group would count, but participating in a religious service would not count.)

Please note- The Service Reflection Form may only be accessed through CMS Google accounts. Students need to be logged into their CMS Google in order to access the form.

Service As Action Learning Outcomes

Students must meet the following learning outcomes during their time in MYP.

In the course of Service As Action (SA), students will:

Learning Outcome #1- Become more aware of their own strengths and areas for growth

Learning Outcome #2- Undertake challenges that develop new skills

Learning Outcome #3- Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

Learning Outcome #4- Persevere in action

Learning Outcome #5- Work collaboratively with others

Learning Outcome #6- Develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding

Learning Outcome #7- Consider the ethical implications of their actions.

Procedures for Submitting Service As Action Activity Documentation

In order for Randolph to know who has completed a Service As Action activity, the student must submit a digital form for each activity which includes:

● A brief description of your activity

● How many hours you worked on this activity

● A reflection on what you learned and how you met specific learning outcomes from the list above

● The signature of the adult (not related to you) who supervised this activity

All Service As Action activity documentation is to be completed digitally via the following link: https://tinyurl.com/RMSserviceasaction or below through the RMS Service As Action- Reflection Form.

Signature forms may be submitted digitally (via the RMS Service As Action- Reflection Form) or through the homeroom teacher for verification.

Please note- The Service Reflection Form may only be accessed through CMS Google accounts. Students need to be logged into their CMS Google in order to access the form.


● Summer hours- We suggest that no more than half of your activities be completed over the summer.

● By the end of first semester, at least one activity should be complete (including form submission).

          • 1st Semester Deadline- December 14, 2018
          • 2nd Semester Deadline- May 1, 2019
              • By May 1, 2019- 6th & 7th Grade students should have 2 Activities documented
              • By May 1, 2019- 8th Grade students should have 3 Activities documented
                • 8th Grade students should use their Community Project as 1 Activity which the Community Project Supervisor may sign off upon completion.

Click on the image below to read the entire letter regarding Randolph Middle School's Service As Action Program!

RMS IB Middle Years Program Service As Action

Service As Action Introduction- 2018-2019 school year

All students view the following video during their homeroom class on Thursday, September 6, 2018

Service as Action 2018-2019

Service as Action Presentation

Feel free to use this presentation to further understand the RMS Service as Action program!

Service As Action Introduction Video Cast- Presented to rising 7th & 8th Grade Students the week of June 4, 2018.

Questions about RMS Service As Action?

Please contact Mrs. Graboyes, IB Magnet Coordinator.