Our school hours are currently 9:15-4:15.

If parents choose to carpool, students cannot be dropped off prior to 8:45, and must be picked up before 4:30. If meeting these time-frames becomes a problem, parents will be asked to switch their child to bus transportation.

The neighborhood transportation option is provided for all students who attend NWSA. Parents must request transportation through CMS Transportation. The CMS Transportation Department handles all bus schedules and other bus-related issues/problems, including late buses.

Bus routes and ride times can vary greatly year-to-year because our school serves students all over Mecklenburg County. Some families that live further from NWSA may find that the bus ride can be shorter by electing a shuttle stop instead of a neighborhood stop. These stops are located at 9 different CMS Schools. Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their child from the shuttle stop.