Students major in one or more (high school only) areas of art. In addition to the courses below, instruction is enriched with arts-centered field trips and master classes.



Band 6, Band 7, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Music Theory Beginning/Intermediate, AP Music Theory


Treble Chorus, Chorus 2, Chorus 3, Women’s Ensemble, Men’s Ensemble, Recital Seminar, Women’s Chamber, Mixed Chamber, Music Theory Beginning/Intermediate, AP Music Theory


Orchestra 6, Orchestra 7, Orchestra 8, Symphonic, Recital Seminar, Chamber Orchestra, Music Theory Beginning/Intermediate, AP Music Theory


MS Piano 1, MS Piano 2, MS Piano 3, HS Beginning Piano, HS Piano Proficient, HS Piano Advanced, Music Theory Beginning/Intermediate, AP Music Theory


Dance 6, Dance 7, Dance 8, Advanced Ballet 8, HS Ballet Beginning, HS Ballet Intermediate, HS Ballet Proficient/Advanced, Ballet at Pointe, Modern Beginning, Modern Intermediate, Modern Proficient, Modern Advanced, Jazz Advanced, Tap Beginning, Tap Proficient


Drama 6, Drama 7, Drama 8, Performance Company, Theatre Beginning, Theatre Intermediate, Theatre Advanced, Playwriting, Directing

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre 6, Musical Theatre 7, Musical Theatre 8, Musical Theatre Beginning, Musical Theatre Intermediate, Musical Theatre Proficient/Advanced (includes Dance for Stage) , Playwriting, Directing, Tap* Beginning, Tap Proficient*

Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre Beginning, Technical Theatre Intermediate, Technical Theatre Proficient, Technical Theatre Advanced, Technical Theatre Lab Advanced

Costume Design

Apparel 1, Apparel 2, Costume Design, Advanced Studies

Visual Arts

Art 6, Art 7, Art 8, Art 8 3D, Ceramics Beginning, Ceramics IPA, Sculpture (beg-adv), Intro to Studio Art, 2D Media Methods and App (beg-adv), Senior Seminar in Visual Art, AP Studio Art, Digital Art, AP Art History, Printmaking (beg-adv), Metal and Fiber (beg-adv), Photography Beginning, Photography Intermediate/Proficient