Matthew Kelly

Spanish II and III


Work phone: 980-343-6900

Classroom: M711 (in the World Languages trailers behing the 500 building)


  • 1st block: Spanish III Honors
  • 2nd block: Planning
  • 3rd block: Spanish II
  • 4th block: Spanish II

Tutoring: by appointment. I and/or one of my UNCC interns can be available most afternoons. Email me or speak to me in class. One on one and small group tutoring is also available during class time when interns are working.

Missed assignments: check Google Classroom for current assignments and see me on your return to school if you have any questions. Please turn in missed work within five school days for a 1-2 day absence. For longer absences see me for a make up and remediation plan.

Testing: work through the study guide posted on Google Classroom before you take a unit test. See Google Classroom for testing dates.

Make up tests: if you miss a test, make arrangements to take the test within five school days upon your return to school. Make up testing may be after school or during class time.

Retesting: if you wish to retest, see me immediately upon receiving your grade. Plan to complete the study guide and schedule a tutoring check-in with me or one of our interns before you retest. Plan to schedule a retest within five school days of receiving your grade. Retesting may be done in class or after school.

Conferences: email me and cc your assigned counselor to schedule a student/parent conference.

Supports available: tutoring with me or one of our UNCC interns is available most days of the week by appointment after school or in class. Interns will be here during the school day several days a week so that all students will have access to tutoring regardless of access to after school transportation.

Grading policy: Effective with the 2015-2016 school year, all CMS middle and high schools will use a 10-point grading scale: A: 100-90 B: 89-80 C: 79-70 D: 69-60 F: Below 60

Tips for success: use the resources provided through Google Classroom and follow the unit study guides. Students who complete the study guides almost invariably achieve satisfactory scores. When students do not, results vary. It's that simple! Ask for help when you do not understand a topic or need more review. We have worked hard to bring extra capable adults into the classroom to provide you with individual or small group instruction.

Tips for studying Spanish: the most effective way to study is through games. Second most effective is through quizzes: being quizzed face to face by another person, using a digitally interactive quiz, or quizzing yourself with flash cards. Simply reading your notes or reading a vocabulary list is only marginally more effective than not studying at all.

Given the choice of a quiz or a game, play the game.

Given the choice of taking a quiz or just reading your notes, take the quiz.

Given the choice of just reading your notes or getting fifteen extra minutes of sleep, get the extra sleep. It will help you more.

You will ALWAYS have interactive games and quizzes available for your tested material.