Villa Heights Elementary

5th Grade Classroom Website

So far in class we have done the following...


  • 5.NBT.1: Use an understanding of place value to compare the value of digits within numbers.
  • 5.NBT.3: Read and write decimals through the thousandths place.
  • 5.NBT.7: Add and subtract decimals (with rounding to check reasoning).
  • 5.NBT.5: Multiply whole numbers (3 by 2 digit).
  • 5.NBT.7: Multiply decimal numbers (using rounding to determine decimal place).
  • 5.NBT.6: Divide whole numbers.
  • 5.NBT.7: Divide decimals.
  • 5.NF.1: Add and Subtract mixed numbers in word problems.
  • 5.NF.4: Multiply fractions and mixed numbers in word problems.
  • 5.NF.3: Represent fractions as division.
  • 5.NF.7: Divide whole numbers and unit fractions in word problems.
  • 5.MD.4 and 5.MD.5: Calculate the volume of regular and irregular rectangle prisms.
  • 5.MD.1: solve measurement conversion word problems within metric and customary measurement systems.


  • 5.P.3.1: Explain how heat is transferred; conduction, convection, and radiation.
  • 5.P.3.2: Explain how heating and cooling affects different materials.
  • 5.P.2.2: Explain how the whole is related to the sum of its parts.
  • 5.P.2.3: Determine the difference and give examples for physical and chemical changes.
  • 5.P.2.1: Understand the different stages of the water cycle.
  • 5.E.1.1- identify different types of clouds and the precipitation they bring.
  • 5.E.1.1- air pressure and wind.
  • 5.E.1.2- weather fronts (cold, warm, and stationary)
  • 5.E.1.3- global weather patterns (jet stream, gulf stream, la nina, el nino)
  • 5.L.2.2- classify organisms
  • 5.L.2.3- food chains and food webs
  • 5.L.2.1- biomes
  • 5.P.1.1- explain how factors such as friction, gravity, and change in mass affect motion
  • 5.P.1.2- infer the motion of an object and calculate speed.
  • 5.P.1.3- interpret motion time graphs


  • Unit 1 Theme- Living a Healthy Life
  • Unit 2 Theme- Immigration
  • Unit 3 Theme- American Revolution
  • RI.5.1: Using what is in the text and background knowledge to make inferences (non-fiction)
  • RI.5.2: Identify multiple m5ain ideas and details in a text. (non-fiction)
  • RI.5.4: Identify the meaning of unknown words in a text. (non-fiction)
  • RI.5.7: Identify the author's purpose in writing a text. (non-fiction)
  • RI.5.3: Explain relationship between people, events, and concepts. (non-fiction)
  • RI.5.5: Compare and contrast text structure of events, ideas, and concepts. (non-fiction)
  • RL.5.1: Using what is in the text and background knowledge to make inferences (fiction)
  • RL.5.2: Identify multiple main ideas and details in a text. (fiction)
  • RL.5.4: Identify the meaning of unknown words in a text. (fiction)
  • RL.5.3: Compare and contrast two or more characters, events, and settings with a focus on reactions to challenges. (fiction)